8 weeks Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction online

The 8 Weeks Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction online classes are now more than ever essential to start you on a journey towards yourself and your inner self.

“Step-by-Step back to yourself” is a gentle way to go back to yourself and who you are and what you really want to do with your life. This teaching you to make decision with the presence of mind, without the fear and worries of the unconscious mind, or other people worry and fears, that might freeze you in the same place, over and over again.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes can also be done with one to one, face to face or online, by themselves or in combination of other therapist (prices for 121 therapy apply)

8 weeks Online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction meditation classes next class starts on the 04.10.22 at 7pm for 1 hour and half  (Max 15 people) read the contraindications at the end of the page (it is your responsibility to make sure that you are ok at all time while doing the classes). If it becomes too hard to do the group classes you can book the one to one classes.

What Mindfulness will give you is tools to deal with life at any present moment. It brings you “step by step back to yourself”.

This can be combined with craniosacral therapy and NLP tools in private sessions to heal yourself at a deeper level with the support of a professional therapist. Click here to see other therapies available from this Therapist.

Mindfulness meditation can with continuous practice, with classes and at home, get you to being present, moment by moment, in what you do, with your work and your home life with yourself and others. Each person will experience mindfulness meditations in different ways, and they are all valid experiences. This depends on what you need to learn for yourself at any given time.

The 9 attitudes to embrace (By Jon Kabat-Zinn) while doing your mindfulness meditation classes or practices are:

 1. Beginner’s mind. 2. Patience. 3. Letting go 4. Non-judgemental 5. Generosity 6. Gratitude 7. Trust 8. Non-striving (non-doing) 9. Acceptance

Stillness within -Maria Esposito

There is published scientific evidence that mindfulness can assist with:

● Stress reduction

● Clarity and focus

● Greater resilience

● Enhanced creativity

● Improved relationships

● Improved concentration

● Rapport and communication

● Improved health and wellbeing

● Greater confidence and self-esteem

● Ability to have better quality sleep

● Reduced anxiety and depression

● Improved work-life balance

● Greater work satisfaction

● Memory enhancement

● Intuitive ability

● Pain reduction

Also: Resilience – productivity and creativity – emotional intelligence – stress reduction and wellbeing.

Click on the button below to sign up and pay for the classes, you will receive the links to the classes via email. There is no refund for the classes unless you find a substitute for the spot. If you miss one class, you will still receive the link to the meditation and you can share your experiences via email afterwards. You can also attend the missed class in another set of classes of the same topic run in the future (valid for 6 months only). Prices for the 8 classes of hour and 30 minutes is £ 296.00 for the entire course.

click on the button below to sign up for discounted payment if you book before the 1st of October 22 the discounted price is £ 250.00.

Paypal button of normal price, after the early bird discount £ 296.00. (16.4.22 full price applies).

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes online 1 and half hour for 8 weeks, with meditation links of the week and practice weekly.

Once you book your place you will be emailed the 8 weeks links.

Program for the 8 weeks click here to download it. The programme on the day might be different according to the group needs.


It is your responsibility to make sure that you look after your health and needs at any given time during the classes online and offline.
Contraindication and caution with mindfulness meditation that needs to be forwarded to everyone that wants to participates in the group classes:
Mindfulness is contraindicated for epilepsy sufferer, especially if not under control. Only if they give their written formal consent and take their responsibility with it or a letter from their doctor that they can participate at the classes.
People with Asthma, if as relaxation could trigger an attack, hence only with a letter of consent from their doctor or from themselves and if under control.
Serious psychosis or mental illness, unless referred by their GP. It is your responsibility to be safe and have support at home if you have any serious illness or the above conditions. This class is done online and there is no way of checking that you are ok in person. Thank
Confidentiality agreements. Everything that is shared in the groups needs to remain in the group and it is confidential. Only in cases of legal requirement and if confiding a serious criminal activity that the confidentiality is breached.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher-

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