List of Therapies

Nutritional Therapy & NAET therapy for over sensitivities to food and more;

NAET method for sensitivities to food and more;

Nutritional therapy for healthy mind/body/ strengthening your immune system. |

Craniosacral Therapy;

Craniosacral therapy for babies/pregnancy/children and mothers/Adults trauma;

Distance healing (online) in combination with NLP tools for safety and grounding (gentle and powerful healing, babies and children sessions are only through the mother session due to their sensitivity;

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) |; This is an amazing tool to give you a way to deal with old emotions and trauma with new positive resources, as well as giving you tools to deal with new outcome, your life path and much more

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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