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  • Grounding video 21.12.20  click here to see it
  • Click here for the link to earthing mats for extra grounding, even the cheapest one is very helpful if you are very ungrounded, when you feel ungrounded and when you are grounded the difference between them.

You can download to your pc or phone or music device the following opening up and closing down the chakras meditation free of charge. Just remember to always close down your chakras when you open them up before going to a public place or to sleep.

  • 4 type of breathing for relaxing, reducing your anxiety and fears, getting more oxygen in and learn to meditate from well click here to listen and start your health journey here
  • Breathing awareness meditation click here 
  • Breathing through your chakras meditation click here 
  • Mantra Meditation click here 
  • Connecting to the deep heart center meditation click here 
  • Clearing and healing meditations with the Lights 21.12.20 click here

maria esposito opening up meditation

maria esposito closing down meditation

  • Relaxing 5 minutes meditation to download and listen if anxious or unable to sleep, or face the day ahead. click and download: 5 meditation by Maria Esposito 
  • Circle of excellence video to watch to empower yourself in these times click here

  • To see my Grounding tips video and more click here   Grounding is very essential if you want your life on earth to be what you need it to be.

  • To see the anchoring of joy, health and humour to cope with the uncertainty of the next few months click here you can add any other positive emotions or feelings that you want, such as calm, peace and confidence (usually 3 at the times), or change them all together. Same method.

“Clinical experience of Irritable Bowel syndrome”, self-help book click here to buy it on amazon By Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) 

Last message to  Ariami Marpisa and Rose from the Healing rainbow Lights

Part of the recorded session 25.3.20 during the pandemic
The sessions started with going through what is going on in the world right now and talking about what Rose was going through, at the same time assessing that we went through this state of fear and uncertainty before, hence having the tools to get through for later on. While doing that, I could see her entire body shining and being in the Light, I never saw her in that way and it was amazing to see, her entire aura was White Light.

When Rose started to channel here is what she said she saw before a Light channelled through:
“A lot of White Light, pink, yellow and it is going to be ok. Wow these Lights are so bright”. I was asking Rose to talk loudly and I asked if she was ok as that channelling was unexpected, even though I was prepared for that.
Rose continued “Lots of heat, there is an animal, it is a wolf, it is protected, it is to do with the whole situation in the world right now, they are helping to protect people. There are also Lightning and Thunder, they are helping as well. This are messages for us all. They are helping. Everything is going to be ok, we are going to go through, different episodes with different Lights. At the end there is a White Light with a lot of smoke around me.Don’t forget, that there is also the pinkest colour that I have ever seen (pink colour is the colour of the heart and love which it is all around the world right now, to help as many people as possible. The back of my third book also was made in January 2020 with the Phoenix being dark pink)”.

You can now read the rest of this message only on the 3rd book “Beyond Science III, the Lights I talked to” By Ariami Marpisa,  click here to buy the kindle or paper version;


Ariami Marpisa website where I posted a blog in January after a dream that I had, very very essential for this time that we are going through.

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“Beyond Science II, healing ourselves, healing our children, healing our world”. Book available either from the publisher Austin Macauley directly by clicking here or by clicking here 

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