3 Hours Mindfulness Meditation 2022 for Therapists & general public online – 22nd of May 2022

Step by Step back to yourself

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Mindfulness Meditation day for Therapist & general public online the Sunday half day ( 4 hour CPD for therapist) from 1pm- 4pm

What Mindfulness will give you is tools to deal with life at any present moment. It brings you “step by step back to yourself”.

Programme for the 3 hours:

  • Introduction to each other
  • History of Mindfulness and benefits
  • 1st mindfulness meditation
  • The enquiry into the experience of the meditation and sharing with each other what we want to share and if we want to share
  • 2nd mindfulness meditation
  • Enquiry into the experience of the meditation
  • tea break 15 minutes
  • 3rd Meditation for longer –
  • Sharing the experience of the meditation – enquiry –
  • Depending on the time 4th meditation and enquiry or mindfulness meditation to do at home, link to be emailed and discussion on where you can be mindfulness in daylife. How much you can do at home and/or at work in the next week or few weeks.

The 9 attitudes to embrace (By Jon Kabat-Zinn) while doing your mindfulness meditation classes or practices are: 1. Beginner’s mind. 2. Patience. 3. Letting go 4. Non-judgemental 5. Generosity 6. Gratitude 7. Trust 8. Non-striving (non-doing) 9. Acceptance

Definition of mindfulness meditation by JKZ is “awareness that arises when we pay attention, on purpose, non-judgmentally’ and the idea of ‘waking up from automatic pilot’.

Without awareness of our body, feelings and emotions, will be more difficult to understand where we are at, at any given moment. Embodiment has a different meaning for everybody.

I would say that embodiment is being and feeling at home in our body. Every little sensation, feeling, of any kind is part of the embodiment state. Everything that we feel, hear, see, notice and know, is because of our body, and when we are at home that is an embodiment of ourselves.

We can also be an embodiment of kindness, or compassion, or an embodiment of love, as described by somebody else. Our embodiment can be our personal journey in life, of what we would value most. Whatever we would like to be and become can be our most authentic embodiment. As I mentioned before, we can be an embodiment of love, compassion, gentleness, creativity, etc. and that is also being authentic to ourselves.

According to Jon Kabat Zinn description is living our life authentically, realistically, like it matters. Living your truth for now, as the truth can change in time at any moment. Being embody of who we are at this moment, being authentic with our way of thinking, and being at each particular time and moment. Being present as you are, and authentic to being yourself.

Stillness within -Maria Esposito

There is published scientific evidence that mindfulness can assist with:

● Stress reduction

● Clarity and focus

● Greater resilience

● Enhanced creativity

● Improved relationships

● Improved concentration

● Rapport and communication

● Improved health and wellbeing

● Greater confidence and self-esteem

● Ability to have better quality sleep

● Reduced anxiety and depression

● Improved work-life balance

● Greater work satisfaction

● Memory enhancement

● Intuitive ability

● Pain reduction

Also: Resilience – productivity and creativity – emotional intelligence – stress reduction and wellbeing.

Payment via bank transfer: Maria Esposito TSB code 308472 account 24603860 – email me after you paid for the day, thank you Price for the day £ 45 pounds –  (for online half-day only)

There is no refund for the classes unless you find a substitute for the spot.


It is your responsibility to make sure that you are ok at all time when you do the online courses, as is impossible for us to help on online groups.
Contraindication and caution with mindfulness meditation that needs to be forwarded to everyone that wants to participates in the group classes:
Mindfulness is contraindicated for epilepsy sufferer, especially if not under control. Only if they give their written formal consent and take their responsibility with it or a letter from their doctor that they can participate at the classes.
People with Asthma, if as relaxation could trigger an attack, hence only with a letter of consent from their doctor or from themselves and if under control.
Serious psychosis or mental illness, unless referred by their GP.
Confidentiality agreements. Everything that is shared in the groups needs to remain in the group and it is confidential. Only in cases of legal requirement and if confiding a serious criminal activity that is against yourself or others, that the confidentiality is breached.

For one to one therapies and meditations face-to-face COVID19 rules and regulations apply.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teache

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