Colds and cough; what can you do to strengthen your immunity and your babies/children immunity?

The season for coughs and cold has started let’s see what can be done to minimize the symptoms and or shorten the illness:

What can be done to strengthen our immune system?

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The season has started a while back, but due to scare of recent events it seems that it got more serious. To prevent or shorten the coughs and colds for adults here are simple things to take and do:

  • Keep warm, take about 300 to 2000 mg or more of vitamin C in water throughout the day (if you are on any medication or aspirin please do take this);
  • Zinc about 15 mg a day for a week or two;
  • Homeopathic remedy kali bich 30cc, twice a day if thick mucous for a week (this is good for children too, as I used it with my child);
  • Chicken soups if you are not vegetarian or if vegetarian have ginger soups with plenty of vegetables, garlic and onions if you are ok with them and curcumin;
  • Gargle with lemon and salt and or take lemon and honey to soothe your throat;
  • Use olbas oil for adults and for babies the appropriate oil to have in the room when sleeping;
  • Use saline nasal spray for adults, children and babies to help with clearing the nose.
  • I often use sage and echinacea throat spray from A. Vogel range, for adults only. It stings a bit but very powerful.
  • Have hot drinks with lemon and honey to soothe your throat
  • Sleep and rest for few days
  • Warmth bath with sea salts helps as well to decongest
  • Breathe in Himalayan salts to help with the breathing and lungs (add the salt in a paper cone or any other container and breathe in the salt. Very effective.
  • Take friendly probiotics, for adults/ children and babies, this helps with avoiding more problems from the intestinal tract and strengthen the immune system, by avoiding possible allergen to trigger your immune system and inflammation cascade.
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice and lemon juices with honey.
  • Drink lots of liquids such as pure water and herbal teas.
  • For babies look for the saline spray solutions, infantis probiotics for the intestinal tract such as the Biocare one or other good brands; for children as well. Bottle fed babies can add the abc vitamins for babies in their bottle. Breastfed babies usually get the immunity from their mother and the vitamin C and zinc from the mother too.

(c) copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-craniosacral therapist

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