WORK SHADOWING for qualified Craniosacral Therapists for CPD

WORK SHADOWING for qualified Craniosacral Therapists:

The clinic is held weekly (only on school terms) and is held at the Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 90 Mayfield Road N8 9LP

The clinic caters for babies, children and adults. Some clinics only adults show up and working with them is as rewarding as with babies for your experience.

It’s held on Tuesday mornings starting at 9.20am and finishes at 11.30pm, for the public but for the therapists to be there by 9.00am to help set up. We will have a hour or more / to discuss the morning work over a coffee, which is part of the CPD.

I am also allowing two therapists at the time to attend the clinic now, when I am running it only, as this can be used for practicing on each other if no clients attend the clinic, which it will be still part of a CPD format as peer practicing. Either way you will have things to do and discuss as part of CPD. 

We are going to use the google calendar for booking your slot for the clinic and you can check when there is availability and cancellation if you want to do more clinics to practice or for CPD, or just to be with other therapists. We will start as before to begin with and please email me if you would like to attend the clinic.

We are asking any of the therapists attending to do a home lateral flow test before attending (even the night before) and if anyone in your household has signs and symptoms of COVID to cancel your booking and let us know in time if possible.

In the course of the morning we can see up to 4-5 people, which equates to about 20 mins per session – some good work can be achieved in this time.

The Clinic can be full within a short space of time, and usually it is.  But occasionally only 2 or 3 people turn up and no babies!  or to start with it might be no babies at all. It’s quite unpredictable.

We’ll usually ‘treat’ together. When the clinic finishes, we like to retire to a local café for an hour or so to discuss the morning’s work. Please allow time for this if possible.

There is an attendance fee of £ 30.00 (to be paid on the day in cash), and you must have completed your diploma from a CSTA accredited college. In addition, you must be insured for practicing craniosacral therapy.

A receipt and attendance certificate for CSTA and up to 4 hours Primary CPD will be provided.

I encourage those assisting to book at least two Clinics for continuity, but this isn’t a precondition for attending.

It should be noted that the clinics will be led by Maria Esposito RCST 

Please provide the following information by Where you took your course, when you finished, your email address and phone number, evidence of your certificate and insurance. Email the information to me way before attending. Payment on the day by cash or via bank transfer is possible if when you are attending my clinic, please do email me prior to attending.

Please do be considered if you need to cancel your booking for COVID or health reason let us know as soon as possible.

Maria Esposito email:  

Review from Rosa Ana and her experience of the clinic:

“When I finished the Craniosacral formation, I was not even considering the possibility of working with kids, it was totally out of my comfort zone. I do not have children of my own, which made it even more challenging. Having work shadowing  at the Hornsey Valley Community Centre in London with three highly experienced Craniosacral therapists;  Richard Kramer, Maria Esposito, and Zoe Rigby and seeing how the babies and adults were improving from appointment to appointment,  I was highly enthusiastic to give it a go at these two courses of “Healing Babies Trauma” by Maria Esposito”. See the rest of the review by clicking here

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