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craniosacral therapy for babies and mother, for colic, reflux, sleep, constant illness, teething, ear aches

Where you come from might be surprising! looking at my ancestors.

Out of curiosity I decided to do my DNA Heritage test, to see where my ancestors are and where I came from. I was expected mainly Italian, and maybe Spanish, from my surprise I half Italian/Greek, which I did not expect at all. Even though Romans did go and invaded Greece at some point, so it make sense now. I did not realize how much of Greece there was. It could be that half Naples might be partly Greek! If all did the DNA test there might be a way of knowing it. Amazing, though, then 6 per cent is related pretty much to the ancestors Jewish community, there is a percentage of West Africa, Middle East and less than 1 per cent Nigeria, and my son mentioned that many people find that they come from Nigeria, that might be the Africa that moved more thousands of years ago. So just for people to know that you might be different from what you think you are!

This can affect also the way you eat and what you eat, if you are stuck with your health in understanding what you care allergic to or even what you can eat more, it is worth to do the ancestors test to see what you can eat that is good from where you are from!

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This winter we are fighting more colds and flu viruses! what can you do?

This winter we are fighting way more colds and flus. There reason for that, is last winter we were all self-isolating and not mixing up at all. So all the colds and viruses that were not related to COVID 19, this winter are back!

As your immune system did not have any challenges last year, well, guess what, this year has been challenged a lot, so you get one cold after another, as your immune system is now fighting things that is meant to fight!

Children when they start nursery, as you know if you have children, will start getting ill every week, as their immune system start to build up a resistance of soldiers to fight the same colds and viruses over and over again. This is called inner immunity, when you fight something twice, usually the immune system will keep a record of that virus in its memory, so that next time it encounters it, it will know what to do.

Did you know that some inland indigenous tribe can die of the simple cold? That is because their immune system has never encountered it. Now for the elderly and vulnerable people and children, that immunity does not work well, so they need as much help as they can, they are like the indigenous people who have never encountered the cold virus. That is because their immune system does not work as well. Hence all the precaution for the always new variant of the COVID 19, till at least there is a better solution that we have now.

For any other person to strengthen your immunity, or help your immune system to fight well, the solutions is a healthy lifestyle, with extra supplement when needed and nutritious food to get the vitamins and minerals, proteins and fats, as well as carbohydrates, to support your immune system in their fight. It is like feeding your soldier and nourishing them with food and warmth.

In times of illness, also the soul and mind needs that support, before, during and after. Craniosacral therapy resets the body system into balance, by centering your body and mind back to health and allow the breath of life and the energy to run through your body after the illness.

Here is the link for strengthening your immune system click here

COVID19 support during and after to avoid long COVID fatigue and get back to your center click here and more COVID 19 help click here

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Give your baby the gift of their lifetime through craniosacral therapy

Give your baby a gift of their lifetime, through craniosacral therapy.

Positive thinking is a state of mind, and also is a way to get you through life in a more constructive and positive way

We are going through major changes around the world, on how we see others, how we see ourselves and how we do things in general. Connection with the rest of the world humanity, nature, the wild life is so essential now, if we want to move forward in a more positive way of living.

Did you know that animal training is done only on the positive way? Dogs and wild animal that are training to do things are trained only with positive instructions. The training is only on their own terms. If they want to do what they are trained for, they get a reward, and if they do not want to do what they are trained for, they still get the reward. Most wild animal, they only train their younger in a positive way, you rarely see a wild animal parent punishing their younger with no food, if they get something wrong.

We are the only species in the animal Kingdom that would punish our younger for misbehaving or not doing what we tell them to do.

There are plenty of studies that if we get our younger from birth to adulthood a positive set of mind, with plenty of rewards when they do something, the young will see life in such a positive way, with plenty of unconditional love, that their lives, no matter what challenges they face in life, like anybody else, will be much brighter and successful!

Through craniosacral therapy, from birth, you give the opportunity of your young baby, of settling their system, with any type of birth, traumatic or normal. Through at least only two sessions, for the baby and the mother, the trauma that mother or baby has suffered will disappear and life can start with their little feet on the positive path. As a nutritional Therapist, also will be recommending dietary tips to reduce colic. There are many reason why a baby might constantly cry and be miserable during the 1st 3 months of their lives, here is what craniosacral therapy can do for the baby and mother:

  • Colic’s which are very frequent in babies
  • Frequency of throwing up the milk
  • Sleeping better and more peacefully
  • Stronger connection with mother and babies (the mother needs to be treated as well as the baby for both reflux and connection with the baby). Sometimes it takes more than 3 sessions before things starts to change.
  • Clinging babies or toddlers
  • Other problems that have been helped with my treatment of CS are:
  • Teething
  • Coughing
  • Frequent colds for the babies,
  • Toddlers and children
  • Reduction of allergies
  • Reduced irritation, which have led to a happier and more communicative toddler.
  • Reduction and or elimination of night terror in toddlers and children in general.

Read more by clicking here. Home visits at extra charge are also possible near N15, N16, N4

Why babies are constipated, Leading to adult constipation?

Babies drink milk up to at least 6 months. Milk is primary watery, so why would baby be even constipated?

The medical doctors will consider a problem only when the baby or the adult is constipated for more than 10 days. Now they are right, it is not a medical problem for up to 10 days. 

Baby on Hands
Baby on hands.

However if you are an adult who goes once a day or more, with a normal stool, how do you feel if you stop going for about two days or three. Would you feel pretty much full, sluggish, bloated, gassy and not wanted to smile much.

I know I would feel like that. So yes medically there is nothing wrong but in a healthy way, there is something wrong there. As I mentioned babies usually are not supposed to be constipated. Now if they are breastfeeding, ideally the mother should observe is they are drinking enough water, or if the baby had a traumatic birth, maybe they are still under the sympathetic mode and stress mode, which it means the valve that should be open when they are relaxed and eating, are closed and therefore they cannot let go of the poo. 

I would also check if you are breastfeeding that you are not eating too much spicy food, broccoli, cabbage family as that increases the air and might cause a bit more gas in the baby, or dairy and wheat or gluten could be a cause of allergy for the baby and hence get constipated, also eggs in some breastfed babies could be a problem. If the mother eliminates one food at the time for a week, they should understand if that is the food that is causing the problem. The substitute milk can be oat or rice to start with. In some babies, some breastmilk contains more lactose that the baby is ready to digest and therefore giving with each feed the infant lactase might help with that digestion. 

Probiotics infantis from Biocare or Bio-Kult which is free of dairy, can also help with the baby constipation. Remember that the intestinal tract of the baby needs to be filled with bacteria good or bad, and the cementing of the bacteria is essential for the baby from birth to 2 years old. That would set their intestinal tract microbiome for life and hence a life of healthy intestinal tract. If you or your baby had to take antibiotics for one reason or another, even with a natural birth, then I would suggest to give the baby and yourself the friendly bacteria to avoid the baby and child being full of the other non commensal bacteria. Friendly bacteria are the ones that would help soften the stools, make by products that the intestinal tract cells will use to repair the intestinal tract.

If the baby is only on dairy bottle feed and they are constipated, try to give a bit of sterilized water after a feed or take more of the probiotics infantis. If that does not help, try the belly massage, to help them getting that poo out. The more they are relaxed after each feed or later, the more they can poo well. In extreme cases, there is a possibility that the baby is allergic to dairy milk and they will be prescribed the alternative milk from their GP. 

Craniosacral therapy for babies also helps with any possible restriction on their system, balancing their stress mode into the more relaxed calm mode, which will results in pooing much better, and sleeping more. Any possible trauma from the birth can also lead to constipation and more colic.

In very rare cases there is a physical or neurological problem that prevents the baby to poo normally everyday. That might be picked up by the medical team usually.

In adults, if they always had problems with constipation, it could be harder to resolve but easier to implement changes. Dietary changes as I mention in my other blog can make a difference with the adults, as well as probiotics and craniosacral therapy. click here to read about dietary changes for an adult.

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