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Strengthening your immune system – preparing for the winter- Body, mind & soul

How to you strengthen your immune system?

There are general tips for that, and for the ones that needs a bit more special attention, such as avoiding the foods that can increase the inflammation and hence reduce the immune system, needs to avoid the most common foods for them. This is by trial and error.

The health of the mind is also essential to strengthen the immune system and hence, dealing with the anger, fears and worries of everyday life, in this time and age is essential.

Health of the body, how to support it?

Eating healthy food that comes from the earth, such as mixed food:

  • Oats/rice or porridge with animal milk or vegetable milk or water. Add some honey, yogurt and seeds and nuts;
  • Eggs with mushroom, tomatoes;
  • Avocadoes on toast (gluten free or normal) with eggs or without eggs, very nutritious;
  • Lunches/dinners: beans/lentils, meat or fish with green salads, soups, stew with vegetables (if beans and lentils bloat you try to add a tip of teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in the boiling water. This will soften the shell and is more digestible).
  • Give at least 3 hours break between one meal and another, after 3 or 4 hours, for the afternoon snacks have a fruit with the skin on or nuts.
  • If you need every 3 hours as too hungry, then have nuts and fruits. You might need to drink more water in between meals. Drink up to 2 litres of water for an average normal day, if hot outside or you exercise, you might need more.
  • The heating might be on now, so I would add some water on the heater in a bowl or under the heater, as the heat might dry the body a bit more. Especially if the heating is on at night as well.
  • Have one coffee/tea a day or max two and only in the mornings, max after lunch, as this stimulates your stress system and leads to do exactly the same as the stress mode (as described below).
  • Avoid any sugary drinks, or red bulls as that will increase inflammation and stress mode and reduce the immune system.
  • Drink water, possible mineral water to balance your minerals, volvic, Scottish and other mineral water are quite good. Or have more varied seasonal local vegetables to balance your minerals intake.
  • If you start getting ill or have fever, start taking extra supplement to reduce the damage from the immune system fighting any viruses or bacteria. For very high fever that does not go down with ibuprofen or any similar, use the following old remedies. Tap cold water compresses on the forehead, back of the neck and head, inside of the elbow, knees. Or compresses with vinegar, or hand gel with 70% alcohol. It will reduce and control the fever. The optimum fever to fight viruses is about 38 max 39, above that, it is a bit damaging for the body and brain.
  • For colds and other flus, in order to support your immune system take a tip of a teaspoon of vitamin C every two hours (vitamin C is eliminated every two hours, normal food is not enough, bats when they are ill make up to 20.000 g of vitamin C). If you get a loose bowel you can reduce the vitamin C intake. Click here to read more about vitamin C in my other blog.
  • Zinc 15 mg per adults a day for a month, to support the immune system and is an anti-oxidant, same as the vitamin C.
  • Warm vegetables or chicken soups, with red cabbage, asparagus.
  • Eat artichokes or take artichokes supplements after a week to help your digestive system. Milk thistle to support your liver.
  • To support your intestinal tract, which supports the immune system in turns, take a really good probiotics in supplements such as Advanced multi-billion dophilus from Solgar (dairy free), Biocare, viridian or any really goods ones. Bionutri herbs tea and eco-balance. For a month, it needs to have a really good amount of mixed friendly bacteria to help.
  • Spray Vogel has got a sage and echinacea throat spray that helped me every time I had a sore throat, with colloidal silver spray.
  • Freshly squeezed lemon and salt gurgle helps, this will sting a bit. Fresh lemon juices and lemon and honey with a bit of hot water helps.
  • Hot water, freshly squeezes lemon and freshly grated ginger helps a lot. Put turmeric and ginger, garlic and onions (if not allergic) into the soups. Plenty of it.
  • Lavender, aromatic oil to add near the throat, hot compresses to expand the lungs to breathe, hot steams water with Olbas oil to again helps with the lungs and breathing.
  • Use cinnamon stick, xylitol in your food preparation with sweets things.
  • Grated carrots and cooked carrots;
  • Grated beetroots and cooked beetroot, to support your liver and blood.
  • Fresh herbs are anti-microbial such as rosemary, thyme, dill, oregano.
  • Walk, run, cycle, breathe, stretch, meditate, positive thinking and more.
  • Click here for webinar meditation about grounding, clearing and anchoring inner strength and more
Blood oranges

Emotional wellbeing and soul connection with craniosacral therapy/NLP and healing

Anger, fears and worries leads to anxiety. Emotional fears lead to the stress mode cascade to be triggered and it can be on all the time. Especially if the fears lead to lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep can stop the repairing of major organs and tissues in the body, that happens during the sleep. Usually at night, for some people who work during the night, might happen during their day sleep. Sleep is essential for the body, mind and soul balance.

When there is an imbalanced system, then problems arise, and chaotic thoughts set it, which set a chaotic surrounding life.

In order to calm and quite the internal mind, body and soul due to fears of the uncertainty of this time and age, it is essential that we go within.

Going within means recognising our own fears and other emotions and dealing with them, or finding a solution to the possible worries that we have.

If we give our mind a few possible solution and flexibility of thoughts, then changes are possible and stress is reduced, as the answer to our problems comes to us.

If the stress mode is off, then we can manage to digest our foods properly, by switching our stress mode to the digestive mode, which is also the one for a calm and relax mode.

This leads to eating healthy, knowing what foods bothers us and what helps us. Exercise more, or being outdoor more to breathe and connect to nature.

Enjoying our lives much more. Focusing on our next step or present step and being more grounded.

The soul well being is also essential, and it can be your own religion or just re-connecting to your soul and heart.

Our heart is considered the 5th brain.

How can we reconnect to our heart and our soul? Here are simple exercises that most people can do:

  • If we take about 5 minutes every day, breathing from our belly, breathing in, our belly goes out, so the diaphragm takes in more air, breathing out, our belly goes in, so it squeezes out the toxic air.
  • You can count from 3 to 6 with each in breath and each outbreath, breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. You can do this in the open when you are doing your walking meditation or indoor sitting down, so that you do not fall asleep.
  • I would also say, breathing in unconditional love from the universe for yourself, and breathing out unconditional love for somebody else that you love (it can be your family, friends or any loved ones), that 3 times. Then you breathe in unconditional love from the universe for yourself and then for somebody else that you know might need it. About 3 times. All this by connecting to your heart, which has got that universal unconditional love and all the space and possibility that you can ever think of. This will also open your heart to love in general.
  • The third set of breathing can be with breathing in unconditional love for yourself, breathing out unconditional love for the world out there where is most needed. This three times.
  • Start grounding by thinking or visualizing them or just saying that you have roots and golden anchors coming from the sole of your feet and the tailbone (at the end of the spine), going down and connecting to the earth, going towards the higher frequency of the earth. Bringing in from the roots and anchors that nourishment from the earth up to your roots and anchors, up to your legs, up to your body, up to your heart, where from there, will expand up to your head and above. Then think or visualize the beautiful sunshine ray of Light coming down from the sun, coming down through your head down to meet with your heart, and from your heart down to your entire body, brightening up the beautiful sunshine light. Like the leaves of a plant that absorb the light and transforms it into nourishment from above. Pay attention to your feet again and the grounding to the earth and then open your eyes.
  • Another grounding meditation is to walk outside and pay attention to your left foot when you put your left foot ahead and pay attention to your right foot when your right foot is ahead. So you end up walking and saying left, right, left, right, till whatever your are thinking or worry about, is gone and that light from the outside world comes in, to shine your internal world.

To book your personal treatments and consultation (online and face to face) for either nutritional therapy (dealing with food and environmental over-reaction with NAET as well as general health, face to face only); Babies and adults craniosacral therapy and NLP to deal with emotions and healing the entire system; (distance healing and face to face available, for babies and children the distance healing needs to be through the mother only).

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Preparing for the winter and strengthening your immune system mindfully

How the intestinal tract can be protected from damage through eating the right food for you, and supporting its healthy state. Microbiome has been studied for the past 20 years and connected to the health of the individual, from birth to adulthood. This is since I started my University degree in Nutritional Therapy 24 years ago.

Each of us have a bacteria diversity that is unique to us, according to our birth and how many antibiotics we took since birth, without substituting the good bacteria. I know that many questions the use of adding only certain bacteria and the fact that we lost so many commensal and friendly bacteria, just by living in an urban area. Anyone living in a countryside, and in rural areas, have more diversity of our friendly bacteria that we do. My opinion as a nutritional therapists is that we do not want to lose even the few ones that we still have, and ingesting the ones that we can have, even via supplementation is better than nothing at all, especially if a baby had a C-section or a traumatic birth with a set of antibiotic. Whatever you have as a child from birth to two years old, set the grounding for the health of the intestinal tract microbiome, and as studies have shown now, even our brain health.

Intestinal barrier

Bacteria in the stomach is about 1,000/ml – duodenum – 10,000/ml – jejunum 100,000/ml – ileum 100,000,000/ml and large intestine up to 1,000,000,000,000/gm

The role of microbiome in the human body are quite few. Few of these are:

  • Production of short chain fatty acid production (SCFA) in the large intestine, which helps to heal the intestinal tract and the health of the gut barrier.
  • Helps with digestion, breaking down fibers and other undigestible food
  • Satiety, it makes you feel full when you are full.
  • Vitamin production;
  • Intestinal tract motility
  • Psychological health;
  • Regulation of intestinal tract inflammation;( barrier function, colonization (which it means immunity and protection)
  • Microbiota-gut-brain communication from brain, through the support of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Neuromuscular control of peristalsis; flight or flight response as for cortisol production and secretion of mucus.
  • From microbiota to brain: There is vagus nerve activation; Neuropeptides and neurotransmitters such as leptin (for satiety) and serotonin (for feeling good); immune signaling with SigA and barrier integrity signaling  eg. Zonulin, and again with the making of short fatty acids production such as butyrate, acetate, etc.
  • Dysbiosis (which is more of the unfriendly bacteria than the friendly ones) have been connected with depression, cardiac dysfunction, unbalanced cholesterol levels, insulin resistance (insulin does not get into the cells) chronic inflammation and hormones unbalanced.

As for this year, everybody is more aware of keeping healthy. The health of the individual starts from the health of his intestine. Then I would look at the eating pattern at the same time of the intestinal tract health. The mental patterns and the healthy way of seeing life and then the exercise pattern. As an holistic therapist I look at the health of the individual from the physical to the mind and spiritual health.

In babies I look at the health of the birth with what microbiome they have and any possible allergies that they might have if they are breastfed; or what milk they are using.  

From Nutrition and over-reaction to food and the environment, to dealing with craniosacral therapy from babies to mothers and adults, as well as using NLP combined with the other therapies to get the person to a state of integration with body, mind and spirit.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-craniosacral therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide