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A proven naturally way to Lowering your cholesterol and tri-glycerides

I am so thankful that after three years I can still pass my Christmas in Italy with my family. Lots of things have changed, people do different things, some with family and others by themselves travelling a bit more. There is still a lot more fears attached to Covid than in other places, and any new news about it becomes an extra worry. In pharmacies people still wear a mask and you feel like the odd out if you don’t. There was a new strain of flu going around and young and older people felt worse than ever with it. This is due to the immune system not being challenged for 3 years. My parents, even in their old age are always worried about lack of food, so they buy more than they will ever eat in one week, and they love to plant seasonal vegetables, even in big pots. When they were given big pots as a gift, they were so happy that they can manage to plant their seasonal vegetables without much effort, as the planting them on the land would be too much for them.

Green and red salad

They try their best not to take extra medication that they can avoid, even though they might take some that are essential. Both my parents were tested high for cholesterol last year, and of course, they were given by their GP the usual medication to lower it. They both did not react well with it, and I mentioned to try to see if with Benecol, as I knew that it would work, would go down enough for the doctors to be ok with it. I also suggested to take fish oil in capsules for both of them, for two reasons, one for the brain, and the other to reduce tri-glycerides, which again they both had a bit high. They have been taking it since the summer, and I asked if their cholesterol was low. They said they were so happy with it, as the cholesterol got down so much, as well as the tri-glycerides, with the fish oil. To be fair the doctor in Italy did suggest the fish oil for that too, which is good. They have not told the doctor about the Benecol though and the reason for being lower. My mum had a heart operation 6 years ago so she had to have a lower cholesterol.

The main ingredients that is beneficial to reduce cholesterol in Benecol is plant sterol ester, and I would not agree with all the ingredients in Benecol, but for people, like my parents that would rather have a food that keep taking pills, this is the 2nd best option.

Freshly squeezed orange juice

The best one is to take plant sterol and phytosterol in capsule as well as combining the dietary changes. My parents do eat their own seasonal vegetables, and fennel, endive and salads, as well as broccoli, chicory, and broccoletti (found in Italy but not England), are part of their stable diet, as well as beans, lentils and fruits. Green leafy vegetables, sage, nuts contain plant sterols as well as the food above.

We were so fortunate to have my mum make us freshly squeezed orange juice every morning, that is because a couple of kilos of oranges would cost two Euros, compared to 2 pounds for a pack of 5 oranges here. They would also eat good nuts such as pecans and walnuts as snacks, which would help with having higher good fats as well. At their age, they eat less meat and hard cheese, due to my insistence, less frying and more oven baked food, as well as using only olive oil if any food needs to be cooked. Using their own olive oil from their own olive tree only raw with salads and food.

© Fennel

 If you do have high cholesterol and high tri-glycerides, you need to consider the entire life style change as well, to make the most of it and get things sorted out for good, and that would include walking 30 minutes, twice a day, to keep your circulation going and keep your heart pumping well.

Some of the plant sterols in supplements might cost as much as the Benecol, so maybe worth getting that instead and you get more for them, like a monthly supply. Fish oil with high EPA and DHA, again get a good brand as that would still be worth it, and even if you eat fish, you might not get enough from a couple of times that you eat it a week. At least you can get the plant sterols and fish oil till your tests come back normal and then keep going with the dietary changes and walking to keep it stable, and maybe just get the Benecol every now and then to keep it down.

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Babies and mothers craniosacral therapy sessions

From reflux, during pregnancy, to tiredness and relaxions for anxious mothers to babies and mothers birth trauma, Craniosacral therapy is a gentle but very powerful and magical therapy that allows the entire body system to settle and balance up. This will reduce, anxiety for the mother, and stress mode, or vagal irritation for the baby when they are born. In turn for the baby means, less colic, less irritation or fear mode, less reflux, improved breastfeeding, more peaceful sleep for baby and mother. craniosacral therapy is a gift of a lifetime for your baby, as it will improve the mother and baby connection, a HAPPY BABY, will increase the good positive neurons forming and good memory that will positively affect them for their lifetime!

For babies with a small amount of birth trauma just few sessions is enough to settle them in a balance way. This improve the connection after a tongue tie for a good latching and hence feeding well.

For the past 30 years, I have heard of mothers saying that their baby do not poo for few days or even a week or more at the time, and they have been told that it is normal.

After just one session and suggestions of babies infants probiotics, babies poo few times a day, as they should do.

The foundation of good bacteria from the start of the baby’s life, will set them for a lifetime of good intestinal tract. There are plenty of research now connecting the gut health with the brain healthy development of the baby in their adult time.

The past 50 years with the use of too much anti-biotics, which at times, they do save lives, but others were prescribed as sweet, have seen the stripping of the good bacteria, with an increase in gut dysbiosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and other Irritable Bowel disorders. Now that we have learned how important our friendly gut bacteria are from the start, let’s keep them in and start from the beginning!

Give yourself and your baby the gift of life, with craniosacral therapy. For the mothers and adults, the change is a bit more slow, but worth starting and carrying on!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher- Heart Meditation certificated (Heart-Math)

Becoming Fearless: The Journey to Self-Healing by Maria Esposito from the Fulcrum

The Fulcrum, Issue 84 September 2021 click here for the full link to the fulcrum

When I first started working with a heart-centred connection, my practice was transformed. I found that working from the heart enabled me to connect with my higher self and strengthen my intuition. Clients commented on the treatment experience and the more I nurtured my heart connection, the more effective my work became.

Yet, developing heart connection was not easy or straightforward. There were times when the connection was open and grounded, spacious and flowing. Other times I resonated with painful emotions and experiences. Questioning why this could be so led me to recognise my own emotional pain and unconscious fears and accept my need to heal.

The self-healing journey takes many forms and different paths. Each one of us will need to find the best way to acknowledge, recognise and heal from our emotional pain and fear. Here, I will share my own journey, experiences and observations before recommending useful tools and techniques that may support self-healing.

A Healing Dynamic

From personal experience and from talking with others, I believe that quite often therapists attract clients who have experienced similar pain. It seems a case of ‘like attracts like’ and the resulting dynamic seeks resolution for both client and therapist.

Around ten years ago, clients began coming to me with symptoms and experiences rooted in childhood pain and trauma. I found that I often resonated with their emotional pain and, as I began to explore this, I realised that I carried similar experiences. My acknowledgement and awareness of this allowed space for my own early trauma and, as the memories returned, I accepted that I too needed healing.

Acknowledgement was the beginning of my own healing journey and as it unfolded I recognised and accepted the fear that had been part of my life since early childhood.

Freedom From Fear

During the past ten years of treating clients, including babies and parents, and myself, I have become aware that fear is one of the most prevalent emotions, often hiding behind others. Fear can stem from emotional or physical pain that we have suffered in the past. It can be unconscious, buried so deeply that it influences our thoughts, feelings and actions without us really being aware of it.

The more I healed the more my true self emerged

Feelings of anger, deep anxiety, depression and overwhelm, and behaviours like lashing out, withdrawing, addiction and self-harm, can all stem from fear. They can stem from childhood experiences, our early relationships, our upbringing, our education, our society, from the way we were taught to deal or not to deal with emotions, and be triggered by the things we watch, books that we read, from family, friends, colleagues or people we admire.

Expressions of fear are seen now more than ever. For the past year and half of the Covid-19 pandemic, global fear of the unknown and the stress of uncertainty has impacted many lives, including our own. Throughout, fear and worry about the mental and physical health of loved ones and friends, about jobs and finances, have been pervasive. In some, isolation from and/or loss of loved ones have left deep emotional trauma. In others, fear and worry converted into anger and frustration with devastating impact for partners and families. These experiences may impact not just the people directly affected but also future generations

The Question is How Do We Move Forward, Individually and Collectively?

I grew up with parents who were born at the time of the second world war and fear was a constant factor in their lives; fear of not getting enough food, fear of getting hurt, fear of not having enough money to support the family.

In myself, I believe that this legacy of fear manifested primarily as self-reliance. I became a ‘doer’, generally resilient and solutions oriented when dealing with my worries, and proactive about controlling my life and pursuing my interests in health and healing without dependence on others. However, as I shared in my previous article “Transformation’ (Issue 82), it wasn’t until I started my CST training that I realised how ungrounded I was, and how easily fears and worries unbalanced me.

So, part of my healing journey has been to free myself of inherited and acquired fears, unconscious and conscious. The more I healed the more my true self emerged – a more grounded and positive individual, searching for ways to deal with life and emotions. I supported this new self-awareness with personal craniosacral sessions, energy healing, and meditation, ultimately leading to a different level of being that has enabled me to move forward with a greater sense of energy, direction and focus.

Growth Through Healing

The experience of recognising and accepting my need of healing taught me that as therapists we are still vulnerable and need to deal with all that we carry and hold; without doing that, there is no growth or expansion as a person or as a therapist. When we think that others are in more need of healing than ourselves, and shut our hearts to our own pain, we deny our own healing.

This is not to say that we can’t help others until we have healed ourselves. Yet, with self-healing, I believe we become more effective therapists.

It is my belief that the very act of opening our hearts to serve and help another person creates a healing dynamic. When the therapist connects to their heart first, acknowledging their emotional pain and fear, self-doubt and insecurities, the treatment becomes a powerful healing tool for both them and their client.


The self-healing journey is different for everyone, but it shares the same starting point – an intention to heal yourself of conscious and unconscious emotional pain and fear, and then finding the best support for that process.

My own journey to self-healing taught me that a mix of therapeutic and practical tools are useful. Some of the techniques that have helped me include:

Treat yourself: I found craniosacral sessions and energy healing helped me connect with the resources I needed to heal. And, I found that even during the worst times of the pandemic, when I myself had Covid-19, CST and meditation were the best tools that I had to resource myself and let go of personal fears and worries. My suggestion for therapists is to have regular CST treatments. And, if you become aware of or triggered by a reflected pain and/or fear during a treatment, it is worth exploring that in supervision or with another therapy.

Meditation: Learning to meditate is almost an essential part of a therapist’s growth and development, helping to ground, be centred and present. Through meditation, I learned to connect to my true heart; by breathing into it with intention, I can access and feel the infinite love and peace that is there for us all at any time. In this space, the solution for resolving your fear might come up easily. Also, meditative breathing techniques down regulate the nervous system, calming the mind from worries and fears. If you find it difficult to meditate at stressful times, there are many apps that provide guided meditations and breathing techniques.

Cultivate self-awareness: A type of self-healing is to recognise your own emotions and thought patterns and how they shape the way you think and behave towards yourself and others. A talking therapy can help you understand yourself and equip you to deal with any painful or traumatic emotions and memories that may come up.

Feel the fear: About 20 years ago, I read a book by author Susan Jeffers called “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. While I no longer remember the specifics, the title has stuck with me, reminding me about the importance of intention and readiness in letting go of fear; about how empowering it is to acknowledge fear and choose to overcome it.

This is relevant in our present situation where many feel strong anxiety about returning to work or social environments, and a question that you could ask yourself is, ‘what would I rather do, live my life with a job that I love, or freeze and stop living for the next few years?’.

It might sound obvious but just asking it of ourselves – of our system – can help us see, understand and choose to overcome what is blocking us. Once we can see, feel and name our fears, we can apply our therapeutic tools to let go of them, freeing us to move forward.

NLP: As a neuro-linguistic practitioner, I offer some NLP techniques for certain CST clients who I feel may benefit from it. I often use a technique called “time-line technique”, where the client makes a guided journey to the first time they encountered a specific emotion, e.g. fear. Usually, it is a formative emotion that has been present from birth to six years old, and I ask the client to suggest different resources for dealing with the event that triggered the specific emotion. This technique can be profoundly empowering and the resources can be accessed at any time the original emotion returns. It has had a major impact on many of my clients, and can be done online or face to face when treating, or as a self-care technique once it has been learned.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher- Resilient heart (heart-Math)

Children anxiety is real and can be helped with craniosacral therapy

I have seen many children lately, mainly with anxiety related disorders. This was due to lack of sleep, too much going on in their lives, and too many things to do, as well as long days at school and home.

I have seen this, especially near the time that children need to change from one school to another. Parents starts to panic and start stressing their children on where is the best school for them, this can be from primary to secondary and from secondary to A levels.

I also seen different background from strict religious background to atheist and more. The amount that is put on the child, either for necessity and or for learning lots of more things is massive.

This means they have so much more information that they need to have, and their sleep is restlessness and have little or none deep sleep.

This leads to the child starting the day tired and ending up being irritated, eating more sugars than they need to, to feed their stress pathway; jumping up and down for a while, than getting exhausted, bypassing their sleep time, and getting even more tired; till they start getting anxious, due to the cortisol being high all the time, and getting the adrenaline rush, which makes them want to fight, run, or freeze. They start having ticks and do things to relieve their stress mode, sometimes with no results. They start fighting with their siblings and their parents, start breathing from their chest, which will give less oxygen. End results, they will be exhausted by the end of the day, and cannot catch up with that exhaustion, till they get ill, quite often, which is the body stopping them from carrying on the way they are carrying on.

This cycle of stress, irritation, ticks, and exhaustion illness, will carry on for the entire months of school, till the summer, and it carries on at times into adulthood. Where they will start running, having a stressful job and keep being deprived of rest, sleep and mental stability.

Can you see the cycle here? So start looking at signs of restlessness into your child, or children behaviour and start thinking if your child is overwhelmed with activities and less rest time. How do they breath? Can they breathe well? Are they having ticks, or even frequent illnesses? Are they anxious or fearful of being left alone? Do they want your attention all the time? Do they talk all the time, without resting their mind? Or are they quite all the time, too much in their head already?

Craniosacral therapy, will help getting their system quieter, calmer and more settle in themselves, with less anxiety. I teach the heartmath breathing technique for parents to teach their children and do some breathing technique themselves, so that they can settle and be present with their children as well.

This will benefit the children as well as the parents, has it will allow presence, space and time to be quite and relax the body and mind, with a physiological, change, mental and spiritual calmness.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher- Resilient heart (heartMath)

Craniosacral – NLP and mindfulness changing how you see things to move forward – Connect to your higher brain!

After reading many books and articles about the brain and mind, I found that there is so much in common with the healing of the brain, and how much you can the brain do, if given the opportunity. While healing babies and children with craniosacral therapy, I realized that what I am doing, is given their brain an opportunity to heal the body and find another way of developing that works for them, hence healing themselves. The common things is also with adults, the difference with adults is that their own resistance, beliefs and upbringing, might stop them or delay the quick healing that the therapy would otherwise do. With the combination of NLP and Mindfulness the person is empowered to find another way of thinking and doing things that works for them, in order to heal, past and present trauma, or even blocks to their own being and being of themselves. The brain is an amazing healer, it can do miracles, if you allow it!

Brain copyright material

Try now with craniosacral therapy, or the combination with NLP and mindfulness meditation and living that you will be given if needed, as well as starting by changing your diet, or allergies. With the method NAET the over-reaction to food and the environment might diminish or go completely, as the brain reset to recognise what it has perceived as the enemy as part of itself. click here to read more about all the therapies.

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Where you come from might be surprising! looking at my ancestors.

Out of curiosity I decided to do my DNA Heritage test, to see where my ancestors are and where I came from. I was expected mainly Italian, and maybe Spanish, from my surprise I half Italian/Greek, which I did not expect at all. Even though Romans did go and invaded Greece at some point, so it make sense now. I did not realize how much of Greece there was. It could be that half Naples might be partly Greek! If all did the DNA test there might be a way of knowing it. Amazing, though, then 6 per cent is related pretty much to the ancestors Jewish community, there is a percentage of West Africa, Middle East and less than 1 per cent Nigeria, and my son mentioned that many people find that they come from Nigeria, that might be the Africa that moved more thousands of years ago. So just for people to know that you might be different from what you think you are!

This can affect also the way you eat and what you eat, if you are stuck with your health in understanding what you care allergic to or even what you can eat more, it is worth to do the ancestors test to see what you can eat that is good from where you are from!

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Emotion or physical trauma from before birth to adult time. What can you do to let it go?

I have been a therapist for 28 years and more. Starting to treat the physical trauma with massage and reflexology to the chemical trauma through nutrition and allergies and for the past 11 years trauma from birth or before birth to adult time with craniosacral therapy/healing.

It always amaze me when an adult can manage to let go from their body, their childhood trauma through their painful muscle or body.

If you are like me, that grew up long time ago, when children were not considered teachers, like they are now, then you still have some trauma, from family beliefs, religion and society.

This is not about blaming any of your parents or other people that raise you, as they did the best they could with the resources that they had, and some had none, or had a really tough time too.

All stems from that unconditional love that was given to your parents and your parents to you.

Emotional trauma and physical trauma are connected to each other, one might cause the other and vice-versa.

If you birth was traumatic for you and your mum, than the physical scar stay there, unless you deal with them from the start.

If you are an adult you can still deal with the trauma, through craniosacral therapy. If you have had a baby, than this is the best time to treat them and have a more positive life paved for them.

Step-by-step back to yourself!

If you have toddlers and older children, there is plenty of time to still treat them. Craniosacral therapy is one of the best treatment from babies to adults, as it is gentle but very powerful.

Depending on the trauma, for babies might needs up to 3 treatments only. For adults it might take some more time, but worth your money and time to heal yourself, as you will see your life, changing positively, treatment by treatment.

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This winter we are fighting more colds and flu viruses! what can you do?

This winter we are fighting way more colds and flus. There reason for that, is last winter we were all self-isolating and not mixing up at all. So all the colds and viruses that were not related to COVID 19, this winter are back!

As your immune system did not have any challenges last year, well, guess what, this year has been challenged a lot, so you get one cold after another, as your immune system is now fighting things that is meant to fight!

Children when they start nursery, as you know if you have children, will start getting ill every week, as their immune system start to build up a resistance of soldiers to fight the same colds and viruses over and over again. This is called inner immunity, when you fight something twice, usually the immune system will keep a record of that virus in its memory, so that next time it encounters it, it will know what to do.

Did you know that some inland indigenous tribe can die of the simple cold? That is because their immune system has never encountered it. Now for the elderly and vulnerable people and children, that immunity does not work well, so they need as much help as they can, they are like the indigenous people who have never encountered the cold virus. That is because their immune system does not work as well. Hence all the precaution for the always new variant of the COVID 19, till at least there is a better solution that we have now.

For any other person to strengthen your immunity, or help your immune system to fight well, the solutions is a healthy lifestyle, with extra supplement when needed and nutritious food to get the vitamins and minerals, proteins and fats, as well as carbohydrates, to support your immune system in their fight. It is like feeding your soldier and nourishing them with food and warmth.

In times of illness, also the soul and mind needs that support, before, during and after. Craniosacral therapy resets the body system into balance, by centering your body and mind back to health and allow the breath of life and the energy to run through your body after the illness.

Here is the link for strengthening your immune system click here

COVID19 support during and after to avoid long COVID fatigue and get back to your center click here and more COVID 19 help click here

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Introduction to Nutritional Therapy video course

Introduction to Nutritional Therapy video course

This is a course for everyone who is curious about nutrition and how our human body function with the nutrients and food that is ingested every day. It is for parents also to understand the dietary requirements for their children to grow at an optimum level. For everyone that is curious to know how our body function so that our immunity is strong when fighting any viruses or bacteria. What happens if you do not have enough of a particular nutrient or food group, and how much each nutrient interacts with another in a synergetic way so that everything functions well.

Our body functions depend on our diet, and what we eat will shape our health!

This is what you are going to learn in this video course (for beginners, all therapists but not nutritional therapist)

Introduction to Nutritional Therapy outline

Lesson 1. Introduction to Nutritional therapy

Lesson 2. Carbohydrate, protein and fats

Lesson 3. Water soluble vitamins

Lesson 4. Fat soluble vitamins

Lesson 5. Macro minerals

Lesson 6. Microminerals

Bonus PDF information on the “Stress response”

To order the links for the videos click on the below button to purchase it. (Please, do not share any of the video with anyone else, as that is a copyright and you can be fined, each link is linked to the person that is buying the course).

Course fee is only £ 16.00

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Happy Healthy Holidays seasons

Holiday seasons are near and this year there are a lot of changes and a time when we need to be aware of others more than ever. Hope that you are all well in some way or another and that you are ready for a new year of hope, moving forward with awareness that life is unpredictable and we need to do what we want to do in life, to live a fulfilling life! Whatever that might be. Most of all be yourself, connect to your inner heart, and go with the flow of life!

Nutritionally, be aware of what you can do in your power to be healthy, have moderate meat, have a bit more sustainable oily fish or fish in general, plenty of vegetables and fruits and a varied diet.

If you do drink a bit more this year for some reason, be aware of drinking water in between alcohol, so that you do not dehydrate.

  • Eat a healthy fatty meal the next morning, such as eggs, mushrooms, avocadoes and salmon, with spinach; as that will get rid of the hungover, as well as pure water.
  • During the holidays take a good walk outside in fresh air; breathe! Do not wait till the new year to do the walking or running or exercise, do them even during the holidays!
  • Relax more by doing diaphragmatic breathing during the day; breathe by using your belly instead of your upper chest. While you are breathing let go of worries and concerns; Click here to listen and download a short meditation from me.
  • This year, instead of eating till your pants unbutton naturally, or your tracksuit stretches even more, eat just a small meal at the time, and use the leftover for the next day. There are so many recipes for leftover Christmas meals on the internet right now.
  • Use the following food to support your liver and get more nutrients: red cabbage (cooked), kale (slightly cooked), carrots (cooked), squash, pomegranate, orange juices (freshly squeezed), mandarins, fresh nuts, especially walnuts and almonds (no salt), hazelnuts, beetroot (cooked or raw), artichokes. Use turmeric, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, and all the fresh herbs that you know, include ginger, cinnamon and more fresh herbs and spices, if you can add onions (raw and cooked), garlic (raw and cooked). All the above helps with the immune system.
  • By avoiding anything that you might be allergic too, you reduce the inflammation, which usually might lower your immune system. Stress is part of it.
  • Make sure you have a deep sleep of at least 4 to 5 hours. Use magnesium before bedtime, about 1 hour, or melatonin to support that, or relaxation tapes. Avoid any stimulants, including chocolate after 2pm in the afternoon. Avoid eating too late at night, leave a space of at least 3 hours before your bedtime.
Light Beam copyright

If you are allergic to some foods, and you have not seen me yet, then give NAET a try, as it has changed the life of many adults and children alike, from babies too. Click here to read more about it.

In order to move forward in this time and age, and let go of the shock of this year and fears, one of the best ways, is through craniosacral, combined with the NLP, which is amazing to get you rid of old emotions or trauma that are holding you back or stuck. Most conditional thoughts and beliefs are learned in childhood, and through some of the tools through NLP and CST, we visit the times, without going into the actual emotion or traumatic event. You are going to learn to use your own resources as an adult that you have, to give yourself another way of dealing with the same situation that you went through as a child! This will empower you, to deal with present and future events that would have caused the same old destructive emotions in the past, and to deal with them in a more resourceful positive way. Remember we can never change the past, but we can change the present time in dealing with the same situation in a different empowering way.

This is the unconscious mind, which drives your life, unknown to you, that you are aware of it or not!

NLP is also ideal to have a clear plan or goal towards what you need to do. click here to read more

I know that most people want this year to be over, and it is almost over; just notice what your learnings for this year have been and keep them in mind for next year. Keep moving forward, instead of going back to the past, and see what life will bring you!

Go with the Flow of Life!

Most of all, enjoy your Holiday seasons with your family even more this year, pay attention to your loved ones.

Best wishes and Light healing from me for this year ending and the new year coming 2021!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide