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Anti-oxidants foods and keeping up with a healthy body, mind and soul

What are they and what is their benefit

We are continuing the theme of supporting our body, mind and soul.

Anti-oxidants are another way of keeping your body healthy.

Oxidation is part of our normal body function. When the immune system is active, there is a lot more oxidation going on; when we run also there is a lot more oxidation. Usually our body deals with oxidation with the resources that it has got. This depends on how we eat and what we do in our lives. To make sure that you are doing and eating the right food, lets see in what food the anti-oxidant are and what you can do to add more into your diet. When you eat food that nourish your body, that nourish your mind and soul too. The healthier you eat, the more motivation you get in exercising or being outdoor and breathe, connect to nature and to your own soul!

I have been reminded that “we are what we eat”, here is what you can eat to fulfil your path:

I have written many articles about the healthy food, here is a reminder of them:

  • If you eat about two to three varied fruit a day, you get some anti-oxidant either through the form of vitamin C or other once. Apples, pears, oranges and lemon have all a form of antioxidants, that include pomegranates, the berries family even the frozen ones. Vitamin C is the main anti-oxidant, but also zinc and vitamin E are which are found in seeds and nuts, olive oil and greens, this include also avocados.
  • Resveratrol a powerful anti-oxidant and phytoestrogen is found in grapes and wine, and you get in a glass of organic red wine, drunk with a meal, a good amount of it click here to read more
  • A reminder that water is a powerful detox if drunk in the right amount, click here to read
  • One apple a day, keep the doctor away (if you are not allergic to them) click here to read more
  • Good nutritional value of Kale, which has got a good amount of vitamin C and E, click here to read more
  • Nutritional Value of a kiwi (again if not allergic), plenty of vitamin C, click here to read more
  • Vitamin A – another powerful vitamin and anti-oxidant if beta-carotene is eaten in the orange foods such as squash, pumpkin and carrots – click here to read more
  • The role of vitamin C – click here
  • Anti-oxidants for your eye site click here to read more
  • Nutritional value of cherries – even though not the season in Europe – click here to read more
  • Omega 3 and 6, which you get from oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and chia seeds and avocado click here to read about chia seeds – and essential fats in the body, which needs vitamin E as antioxidants click here
  • Iodine, is not an anti-oxidant, even though is a good thing to have in kelp, or seaweed or sea air if you are low or depressed or stressed, especially during this time and age – click here to read more
  • Chestnuts and that time of the year – nutritional value to read more click here
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