Next  Workshops for all at N15 6HA (full address given only to people who paid for the workshops): very limited spaces for all workshops

Do you know how you feel? How integrated are you? on 3 consecutive

  • Mondays from the 31st of July
  • Monday 7th of August
  • Monday 14th of August 2017 from 7pm till 9pm (to book for all three workshops see end of page).
  • On the 21st of August at 7pm-till 9pm Irritable Bowel Syndrome (this will still be run at clear break in kentish town, as for the present time)- A talk on the possible causes, tips on what to try for your individual issues and questions and answers to reduce and eliminate the symptoms. This workshop  will cover:
  • What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
  • What are the possible trigger for IBS?
  • What can you try to reduce or eliminate the IBS symptoms?
  • Questions and answers time for each individual.
  • Click here to book for this workshop

The workshops have limited spaces, once they have been filled there is no chance of attending unless somebody cancel and you can take their place.



  • This workshop is for people who have made the choice to change their present way of dealing with life into a more positive one. This workshop is for people who are not scared of challenging themselves and know that any change could be hard but rewarding at the end.
  • In this workshop, we are dealing with deep emotional issues, connection to the current lifestyle and food and drink choices according to our emotions, or exercise choices.
  • If you book for the workshops you agree to allow yourself to start healing your yourself and your life.
  • How do you feel? is one of the issues that we are going to cover.
  • The workshops will include what stress does to the physical and mental body, and what physical pain can also lead to unbalance of the body and for you to be ungrounded.
  • Do you know if you are fully integrated or not? Are you too much into the logical mind?
  • What emotions can you recognize in yourself?
  • Do you know how you feel at all times?
  • If things around you go all over the place, do you know how you feel and what is causing the havoc around you?
    Knowing how you feel, acknowledging that feeling and dealing with it, is a way of knowing yourself and going for what you really meant to do.
  • Changing the low frequency feeling into positive ones. Fears, anger, frustration, sadness, grief, happiness, joy, and more feelings.
  • What are your needs? Conversation with your unconscious/self, to know what is really going on.

This is a 3 evenings workshop of 2 hours each, more can be added if needed.
Each evening is 2 hours and it is 25 pounds for workshop, for a total of 75 pounds, you need to be committed to all three of them to book and to get the best results.

The first one will be Monday the 31st of July at 7.00pm- 9.00pm

The second one is Monday the 7th at 7.00pm-9.00pm

The Third one is Monday the 14th at 7.00pm-9.00pm

Venue:  N15 6HA – Full address given at booking.

Please check on google map for directions from where ever you come from.

Please notice – There is no refund once you book, however, you can find a substitute for the first workshop only.

The workshops are a combination of my clinical experience, research and various workshops in varied fields, as well as the thousands of workshops that I have done in all the possible fields to heal and know who we are physically, mentally, chemically and spiritually, after my University degree in Health Science Nutritional Therapy 20 years ago. Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Craniosacral Thearpist

To book for this workshop either pay directly via paypal by clicking on the button below the total price of £ 75.00

There is no refund for this and the other workshops once you booked unless you find a substitute for the workshop.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – R-Craniosacral therapist