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Testimonial from a baby that I treated with craniosacral therapy and nutritional advice 3 years ago and results now, which are still good and happy:

Three years ago

Three years ago, my partner and I we were in the middle of a baby crisis.

We had a fantastic experience with the NHS during our 17 hours’ birth, but our opinion changed when weeks later, Lola, our baby girl started suffering from intense colic pains.

We didn’t find in the GPs the empathy we needed: it was all form filling and symptoms checking from a safe distance… God forgive human interaction!

Sleepless nights started to pass its toll, and it was clear that what we needed was a different approach to solve the problem.

Maria came to our lives when we need her the most. She took the time to listen-specially to my partner, that felt all the weight of being a mother was on her shoulders Her gentle and calming methods when applying her Cranio-Sacral techniques on Lola was just what we were after.

She also gave the mother some tips on what foods to avoid while feeding that it was playing an important role in the cause of the colic. This holistic approach was the turning point for us.

Lola improved from her pains and grew to become the happy and healthy toddler she is today.

Thanks again for changing our lives for the better.

Christian, Cristina and Lola.

Cranio-Sacral Testimonial for a baby and mother session

Our son was born through a forceps delivery and we took him to see Maria when he was only a couple of weeks. The treatment he got was excellent: Maria has been very caring, professional and supportive. We found that Luis was much calmer and present after the Craniosacral sessions- it had a very positive effect on him as well as on us. We can highly recommend Maria for both the treatment of Babies and Mums! Magdalena and Luis 2014

Harriet testimonial, nutritional, NAET and cranio-sacral support. Here what she has to say about her experience with her IBS symptoms:

Struggling to get through the day looking after my two young children, suffering from IBS, candida, very low iron levels and irregular periods, I came to see Maria in November ’13 in desperation. I had already been seeing a different local nutritionist, and a GP, but felt I was making no improvement.

Firstly, after using the NAET method to identify specific foods and substances I should avoid, Maria suggested a diet designed to heal the gut, reduce inflammation and rebalance the gut ecosystem, plus supplements to support the diet and to tackle iron levels, hormone balance etc. At subsequent appointments, she practised her astonishingly effective cranio-sacral therapy.

Now, nearly five months later on I feel as new, back to my old self – only so much better. It’s as if I’ve undergone a much needed mind-body reboot. In contrast to the doctors I’ve seen, I felt Maria understood and evaluated my history and symptoms intelligently and in detail, and I’ve been extremely impressed. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her and would definitely return for more treatments if necessary. In fact, she is now treating my daughter! Harriet 3.4.14

 NAET and cranio-sacral testimonial

I took my 2 year old daughter to see Maria a few months as she was suffering from multiple allergies. We had tried seeing a consultant at Great Ormond Street hospital, had lots of tests done, lots of medication given with absolutely no results. I was desperate to find a solution as Katerina was suffering and so were we. Maria tested and treated Katerina for countless foods and environmental allergens and also recommended us some vitamins/supplements and probiotics to help heal her gut. At the same time we started cutting down on the antihistamines. With time Katerina started eating more and more foods – even ones that she was majorly allergic to. We were impressed. Katerina is now 100% better enjoying what she wants and being healthy. Its a true transformation. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!” Marika 2011

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP Practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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