Combined therapies of NAET- craniosacral/healing and Nutritional therapy

Craniosacral therapy, NAET and Nutritional successes

On today news I want to share again some of the successes of the treatments that I do. There are hundreds more, however I can only list the ones that remembered to email me their testimonial and allow it to share it with others on my website. I met a couple of people who reminded me of how they managed to change their lives and got on to live their lives how they wanted to that I am want to share the successes today. Just also a reminder that NAET does not work for the intolerances which are lack of enzymes or low enzymes (hereditary) that do not break down certain protein, such as lactose and dairy in general and wheat and gluten. NAET worked for the immune response to the dairy and gluten and wheat, which is different. The immune response is the response of our defence system to an allergen or a foreign body, which is not recognised as self. This happens when there is a leaky gut (complex food enters the blood stream without being broken down). Leaky gut can happen in case of mucosal irritation due to medications, allergies or intolerances, antibiotics, taken frequently anti-inflammatory tablets or other non-steroidal medication; in case of gastroenteritis, illness, and quite often than one can think of continuous stress.

Craniosacral and nutrition:

Our little girl was 3 weeks old when we contacted Maria. Born by C section, she was quite a grassy baby from birth but had started to become increasingly distressed when trying to pass gas and poop. It was very hard to watch her in so much distress. It didn’t seem normal as she was otherwise a very content and happy baby. We saw an improvement in her temperament within hours of receiving the craniosacral treatment and after 3 sessions she was so much better. She seemed calmer and more in control of her bodily functions. She no longer screamed and twisted her body in agony and her sleep improved too. Maria also helped me to identify foods in my diet that were potentially causing problems and to make adjustments. The weaning process brought some new problems for us but again, Maria’s treatment and suggestions have brought back our content, happy baby!

Babies constipation resolution

Thanks for this. Beatrix has pooed this morning so seems a lot

happier. I had to bath her as she pooed so much! Rosie

NAET, nutrition and Craniosacral treatments

“I took my 2 year old daughter to see Maria a few months as she was suffering from multiple allergies. We had tried seeing a consultant at Great Ormond Street hospital, had lots of tests done, lots of medication given with absolutely no results. I was desperate to find a solution as Katerina was suffering and so were we. Maria tested and treated Katerina for countless foods and environmental allergens and also recommended us some vitamins/supplements and probiotics to help heal her gut. At the same time we started cutting down on the antihistamines. With time Katerina started eating more and more foods – even ones that she was majorly allergic to. We were impressed. Katerina is now 100% better enjoying what she wants and being healthy. It’s a true transformation. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!” Marika (mum)

What I remember of this little girl that she became more confident by the week, it was a joy to see!


Emma story

“I first went to see Maria 3 months ago as I was struggling with many health problems, including trying to overcome many years of bulimia, binge eating and sugar addiction.  I was sick of doing fad diets and I needed help!  Maria designed an eating plan for me and tested me for allergies.  Over the forthcoming weeks we worked together on reversing the allergies, addressing the addictions and emotional issues as well as re-introducing foods to achieve a more balanced diet.  My health has improved in leaps and bounds, my skin, hair and digestion, are so much better and the cravings have gradually dissipated over the weeks.  I am now able to eat foods that previously would have been the catalyst to a binge.”  Emma, PR Professional, 32 years. Emma


Sharon story for hormonal balance and sensitivities to many foods

For years I was taking synthetic drugs for my under active thyroid and low progesterone levels but before I left Australia I made the decision to wean myself off the drugs and go natural or find a good NAET practitioner to treat my condition which included food and chemical sensitives as I had undergone some treatments in Australia which I found very effective. I arrived in London feeling very disheartened as my hormones were all over the place and I was experiencing the worst PMT. I have been seeing Maria since July and I am really impressed and extremely happy with how much my body has balanced out hormonally and the treatments I have undergone for my food sensitivity have also cleared up. I was so surprised to the food groups my body was not tolerating but it’s wonderful to be able to eat certain foods and not react any more. I highly recommend Maria – she is extremely thorough in her work, very knowledgeable and personable. It’s amazing the progress and results I have experienced Maria.

Sophie’ story.

Sophie came to me because she had suffered of constant thrush problem for the past 10 years. We started with changing her diet and treating the main food sensitivities. She starting feeling better very quickly and after we treated each food group she started eating the food that she was sensitive too without triggering another thrush attack. Here is her opinion on her NAET treatments:

Maria’s NAET treatment and nutritional advice has helped relieve the symptoms I had been experiencing if not completely eradicate them. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend this treatment to others. Sophie x

Tina’s Story:

My daughter starting having spots on her face and than arms which would not go away. Maria treated her for BBF and Milk and after a week her spots went and her face is back to normal. Jenia

Cary Story:

I don’t care whether there is any so-called medical evidence to back it up or not, I believe that WITHOUT DOUBT NAET healed my serious allergy problems.  Amongst other stunning results, I went from not being able to eat nuts to now munching away happily on them.  Indeed they are now an important part of my diet.  In my experience, NAET WORKS and Maria is a highly talented and dedicated exponent of a miraculous system.” Cary.

Tanya and Nicolina’s Story:

Maria’s treatments have been a great resource to my whole family over many years.  Her nutritional advice supported my older daughter through her teenage years, supported me through many health issues that would have otherwise required medical intervention had I not followed Maria’s advice.  The NAET treatment was particularly helpful in building my immune system.   The most striking example of Maria’s success with our family is curing my younger daughter Nicolina from her allergy to chocolate!  My daughter,  now 13,  had been suffering from severe migraines since the age of 6.  The main trigger was traced to allergic reaction to chocolate – even the smallest amount of chocolate would trigger a headache, so she had to keep away from it – difficult for a child!  Since the treatment, the migraines disappeared, despite the fact that Nicolina indulges in chocolate feasts with her friends – making up for lost time!’ that I know of she still eating chocolate with no side effects to date!

Craniosacral, NAET and nutritional treatments

My treatment with Maria has been truly eye opening and transformative. Her gentle and intuitive persona has been everything I needed and more. My health has improved on many levels and benefited greatly from the regular treatments. The sessions have also released and healed trauma from my past and I believe cranial sacral therapy has been more effective than regular counselling.  Maria has invested her heart and soul into me and I’m truly grateful. For anyone who hasn’t tried cranial sacral therapy, I wholeheartedly recommend that you try it with Maria. Anonymous. North London

Harriet testimonial, nutritional, NAET and cranio-sacral support. Here what she has to say about her experience with her IBS symptoms:

Struggling to get through the day looking after my two young children, suffering from IBS, candida, very low iron levels and irregular periods, I came to see Maria in November ’13 in desperation. I had already been seeing a different local nutritionist, and a GP, but felt I was making no improvement.

Firstly, after using the NAET method to identify specific foods and substances I should avoid, Maria suggested a diet designed to heal the gut, reduce inflammation and rebalance the gut ecosystem, plus supplements to support the diet and to tackle iron levels, hormone balance etc. At subsequent appointments, she practised her astonishingly effective cranio-sacral therapy.

Now, nearly five months later on I feel as new, back to my old self – only so much better. It’s as if I’ve undergone a much needed mind-body reboot. In contrast to the doctors I’ve seen, I felt Maria understood and evaluated my history and symptoms intelligently and in detail, and I’ve been extremely impressed. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her and would definitely return for more treatments if necessary. In fact, she is now treating my daughter! Harriet 3.4.14 (Harriet is now a Nutritional Therapist herself!)

Amelia hay fever and cat’s allergies

I have seen Amelia two days ago and after 6 years that we treated her hay fever, she is still free of it during the summer, maybe a couple of days a year when the pollen is very high she might need to take anti-histamine, however, she has been cutting grass now with no ill health. Her cat allergies have been reduced by 70%. She can now visit friends with cats without a need to run away after 5 minutes. I think with the cat allergies quite often is the level of the stress that the person is that counts. If the person does not have too much to run about in a day, the allergies are much lower!

Cough for a year

A combination of treatments for a person who was coughing for a year and went to the doctor to do all the possible tests that she needed, and found nothing. I tested and treated this person with NAET and Craniosacral treatments. After the second treatments, this person was free of her cough and after 6 months she moved to another Country to change her life completely!

Deborah treatments with Nutritional Therapy, NAET and craniosacral treatments

“I was at the end of my tether when I approached Maria in 2011 for help with my health problems. For several years I had been suffering from debilitating and excruciating menstrual cramps and heavy monthly bleeding. This had been caused by uterine fibroids which had been treated many times unsuccessfully with conventional medical treatments. I really felt that there was nothing further that could be done to alleviate my condition as it was progressively getting worse and I was reaching the stage that during my periods I was unable to leave the house because of the pain, discomfort and embarrassment caused by constant bleeding. maria gave me hope and assurance that something could be done to help me and recommended a radical change in diet which involved cutting out all refined and processed sugars as well as dairy products. she also combined this with food allergy treatment and prescribed vitamin tablets to help restore nutrients to my body which had been lost through the heavy bleeding. Within a few weeks of seeing Maria, I started to notice an improvement in my symptoms and I started to feel a lot more positive and confident about my health. The hormonal imbalances caused my bad diet were starting to be corrected, and I started to feel hopeful about my future.

I found Maria to be very knowledgeable about nutritional health and I have learnt so much from her and my diet has changed for good! I don’t think that I will ever go back to my bad eating habits. I would definitely recommend Maria because as well as being an expert in her field, she is very kind a supportive which is important when you are facing health challenges.

Sister Jayanti  NAET – Nutritional Therapy and Craniosacral treatments

“Dear Maria,

Thank you very much indeed for the care and skill with which you have treated my allergies. My friend recommended NAET Therapy and we were able to find you listed. I had been suffering with several allergies for some time and now 90% of all symptoms have finished. I greatly appreciate what you and NAET have done for me. Yours sincerely Jayanti Krpalani

She is still 90% free of allergies 4 years later to date

My own healing with craniosacral therapy after a physical shoulder injury

Few weeks ago, I was doing one of the Go Ape challenges (tree climbing), which I had done few times before with no problem. This time, even though it felt it was easier, I managed to injure my left shoulder. How did I do it? Well my arms were going ahead of my body, and as my left shoulder was a bit tighter, it got pulled out of the socket almost! I managed to let go of the rope (luckily, we had some support) and to get the shoulder back straight away, however the pain was quite severe and I was almost going into shock. Now because the stuff thought I got scared and I sat down because of that, it took them a bit to come and get me down, I could not go ahead or back. My friend called them to me as she knows me and she knew that something was wrong as I went also very pale. The person finally came around and managed to get me down to the ground where I had to put myself into the recovery position as they did not even think of that. After a bit they managed to call for a transport to get me to the nurse who checked that the shoulder was back into place. I had to just put some ices and move it a bit. We agreed that if it was possible not to take any anti-inflammatory as that would delay the healing. Well put a bit of ice on it quite often and started to do some craniosacral therapy on my shoulder. I knew that nothing else would help at that time. I had to drive back for 1 hour as I was going to a business show the next day. And for some reason there was traffic on the way back. Driving back was a big challenge and at times I was wandering if I could do it at all. I managed to get home and I kept treating my shoulder few times at night. Took some magnesium and arnica for the shock. The next morning, I could move my arm with pain, however it was not a challenge. I went to the business show and there were lots of massage treatments of various degree, and as I felt my shoulder in pain I thought to myself that I would not want anyone to even remotely touch it in that way. So I kept treating it for few days with CST and it kept getting better, by the 4th day I could do some movements with my arms, doing qi gong. By the end of the week I could move it on all directions apart for certain spots. After 3 and half weeks there are only a couple of movements that I feel they are still painful, otherwise my shoulder and arm is back to normal.

Without the CST treatments I feel that it would have taken ages to heal. The gentle touch but powerful healing is the key of craniosacral therapy and I have witnessed it many times since 2006 for myself, my family and my clients.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP Practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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