“Grounding and Healing Tools” for Craniosacral Therapists

“Grounding and Healing Tools” for Craniosacral Therapists”

From July 2020 till further notice, all face to face workshops needs to follow the guidelines for health and safety and a Disclaimer/waiver needs to be signed prior to the workshops. Click here to read the guidelines, and to download the waiver/disclaimer click here, print and email me the signed copy prior to the workshops that you are attending. A copy of the consent will be kept for future workshops and you will be reminded of it for any workshops you attend.

This year all my workshops will have the added bonus of NLP simple tools that you can do and pass on to your clients to empower yourself and your clients. They will be well incorporated to the CST therapy and they are tools to deal with negative emotions and strengthen the positive ones!

Scheduled for Sunday 11th of April 2021 –  9.30am-4.30pm (6.5 Hours of CPD)

The workshop aim is to make the Therapists more grounded as well as teaching simple tools for our own clients, understand why we and others might be ungrounded and work towards healing ourselves and others. This in our experience leads to a successful practice as well as safeguarding your own health and well-being.
The aim of the workshop is to give more knowledge to the therapists about grounding, healing and protecting themselves and their client.

  • Energy Management in order for you to be busy and still feel energetic to live a fully personal life
  • Introduction to different grounding techniques, including how to deepen your own grounding, and tools to pass on to our clients.
  • Overview of chakras including their relevance in CST; how to use healing techniques to clear, cleanse, protect and balance yourself and/or others.
  • Using the chakras to close down, desensitize and protect the human energy field, and their environment, therapy room, couch, etc.
  • Group discussion of unusual experiences, such as sensing or picking up information about the client empathically and energetically.
  • Clients who are having unusual experiences and how to work with them.

Practical workshop.

Here some of the comments from therapists who attended our workshops:

“I will definitely put it in practice for both personal and professional purposes. Especially the grounding and protection exercises. I started the workshop with a 4/10 in terms of grounding and I left with a 8-9/10. Just to say thank you for guiding us, participants, so well during the exercises, your clear explanations, and shared knowledge were very much appreciated.”

“Good Practical advice on how to ground, working on chakras. Grounding at the end  of the day 9 from 4”

“An interesting and enjoyable workshop. Find useful the grounding exercise and being aware of issues related to chakras”.

“Using of new techniques, developing ideas. Grounding 9 at the end”.

“Very high teaching experience. Grounding at the end of the day 10 (the highest).

“This kind of workshop is vital for therapists. Stuff that perhaps you take for granted but of which I have no experience yet!”

“This was one of the best & most informative courses that i have been on during my career”

“Good balance of practice and teaching and presentation”

“It was a very helpful and though my energies are quite low at the moment it gave me tools to help myself. Invaluable!”

“It was a fantastic workshop ran by fantastic and amazing teachers! Thank you for such a wonderful day!”

“Very enjoyable and informative course. The grounding tips and actual tips for it. Hearing other people’s experiences”

“Beautifully paced and presented course, with very useful applicable information. A wonderful blend of practical and esoteric! You make great teachers team. Thank you”

“Thank you so much for opening up and exploring this discourse. I feel like I have some good tools (more like an arsenal) to protect myself and continue my work as a CST.”

“I had been doing those things but no-where near enough times. I learnt that I would quickly become un-grounded where I presumed it would last all day! Thank you, great course, I would recommend it to others.”

The workshop has been designed with my own knowledge and my own experiences on the subjects in a combined approach of practical tools and attending many healing workshops with trusted and experienced healers who have themselves between 10 and 40 years experiences on the subjects. The experiences have been an essential part of why this workshop was developed. This workshop is only the first step towards your journey as an individual therapist and as in a group.

Each workshop will be different according to the therapists attending the workshops.

Venue:  Hornsey Vale Community Centre. 90 Mayfield Road, London N8 9LP click here for map or N15 6HA. Non-restricted parking outside the Centre and surrounding streets over the week-end. From Finsbury Park take the W3 and stop at Weston Park stop downhill. 5 minutes walk from there.

This is a post-graduate workshop; however, students are welcome if at the last stage of their course.

Lead by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R- Nutritional Therapist – R-Craniosacral therapist (attending many healing workshops and well prepared for the integration of healing and craniosacral therapy)

Price £ 85.00 paid in advanced

Payment via bank transfer:  or cheque (email Maria Esposito on the above emails if making payments in this way). Maria Esposito TSB code 308472 account 24603860

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Place is only confirmed if paid in full. *Refund policy apply.
*Refund policy: There is no refund unless there is a waiting list or you supply a substitute for the workshop you booked.

Workshop copyrights © Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional therapist – NAET practitioner R-Craniosacral Therapist 

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