“Strengthening your intuition”. Workshops for CSTs

“Integration of the Self. Strengthening your own intuition as CST” 

  face to face when two or max of 4 (6.5 hours CPD)

Next one on the Sunday 12th of March 2023 at N15 6HA

With all that has happened in the past few years and what you had in your personal life, the heart is the one that can be blocked or stuck. I had a very good insight, in the fact that healing your heart or emptying your heart from all the things that you might have stored from your life, and what happened in the world, is a good way to move forward in life! This workshop will be dedicated in healing the mid center of the body energetic flow as well as specifically emptying the heart (healing the heart) from blocks. This can be also organized online if enough people will sign up for later. This will feel like you had an energetic SPA day at the end of it, as the healing will be helped with the flow of higher frequency healing and when you connect to the higher heart (the 5th brain) you will see changes in your life that were not possible before!

What therapist said about the last workshop:

“I am feeling energized and much calmer…I think I haven’t felt like this since this pandemic started as my nervous system was all over the place!

Highly recommended and would love to connect more with those amazing angels, animal spirit for the guidance.”

“Hi Maria, I found the course extremely helpful for me as it really helped me to practice that inner therapy tool called intuition.

You are very gifted and the way you deliver the teachings makes the learning process an integrative one.

I cannot recommend this course enough and I will join again in the future. I hope you never give up teaching, it seems to come very natural to you.”

Same format as the face to face, the practical will be on the distance healing if possible in different zoom room if not together in a main zoom room, I am guiding people. This is an unusual time in our world and we need to be flexible enough to work in a unusual way. You need to be open minded for this workshop. You do need to prepare a couch table for you to work on and to receive your distant treatment.

Face to face starts at 9.30am, registration at 9.15am and finishes about 4.30pm/5pm Two tea breaks of 10 minutes and 45 minutes lunch time.

The CPD certificate will be emailed within the week.

Please make sure that you read the guidelines for face to face, if you have visors or and masks or take the lateral flow the night before as well. Please bring a blanket, warm clothes and warm socks to walk around. Window will be a bit open all day to refresh the air.

This workshop is for your own tool kit as a therapist, it will strengthen your own intuition when working face to face and pushes you out of your comfort zone as well.

This workshop at any time of the year when a minimum of 2 people book and a max of 4

Integrating the whole system and connecting to your higher self, while connecting to Higher Sources or the Universe.

CST clinical practice for integration of the body mind and soul. Working with your higher self and connection to your Guides, your higher self and infinite source of the Universe, working with Angels colours and their healing power. Remember these are tools for you as a therapist, so that you save your own energy and manage to live a life without exhaustion.

Energy management is essential for being who you are at all time.

This is for post graduate only and for therapists who wants to explore the deeper connection with their higher self and soul and working with Higher state of mind.

The choice of work depends on the therapists and their own Higher selves and ready gift. This can be used with clients who also are very gifted, to support their journey and helping them to reach their full potential, or for the therapists to grow in their intuition and healing skills that is appropriate for CST work.

Each therapist will have a full session of dealing with their own issues and healing them of any restriction that they have.

We work on integrating the soul, which can reveal your full potential as a craniosacral therapist and therapist in general as well as Higher Universal sources of healing.

This will include Lights energies and more, it depends on your choice of help that you want to have on the day. We will work with higher beings of Light from the rainbow Lights frequency. You need to be open minded for this workshop.

This is an invaluable opportunity for any CST therapist who would like to discover more of what they are able to do if asking for the right help.

Face to face is £ 90 pounds paid via bank transfer. If you need a pay-pal payment let me know.

Payment via bank transfer: Maria Esposito TSB code 308472 account 24603860

No refund for this workshop unless you find a substitute for this. 

What other therapists said about the workshops:

“It liked the shamanic work that happened naturally during the sessions”

“I find most useful the visualization, grounding, Maria connecting at the same time and explaining what she was seeing”

“I found most useful the practice, and guidance during the practice. Thank you for this useful, interesting and healing day.”

“I feel very grounded and connected to my intuition, thank you very much for teaching”.

My three books “Beyond Science I & II” & Beyond Science III by Ariami Marpisa which is a true story about Craniosacral experience when you work with an open mind and you trust your intuition.” The three books make sense more than ever now in the current situation.

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