CPD Workshops for Cranio-sacral therapists

CPD workshops for craniosacral therapists:

From July 2020 till further notice, all face to face workshops needs to follow the guidelines for health and safety and a disclaimer/waiver needs to be signed prior to the workshops. Click here to read the guidelines, and to download the waiver/disclaimer click here, print and email me the signed copy prior to the workshops that you are attending. A copy of the consent will be kept for future workshops and you will be reminded of it for any workshops you attend. 

This year all my workshops will have the added bonus of NLP simple tools that you can do and pass on to your clients to empower yourself and your clients. They will be well incorporated to the CST therapy and they are tools to deal with negative emotions and strengthen the positive ones!

Online Workshops – 2021

  • Grounding and Healing tools for CST online click here to read more and book your place – 21/2/21 on line workshop 6.5 CPD hour 9.30am till 4.30pm
  • “Strengthening your intuition, integration of the self” online workshop. 6.5 hours CPD 9.30am till 4.30pm – click here to read more and book max 12 people Online and can be booked at any time minimum of 2 people.
  • “Grounding and Healing tools for Craniosacral Therapists” April 2021 face to face  led by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) (6.5 hours CPD). This workshop is for very sensitive therapists who feels they need to know more and ground more to be able to heal themselves and others. This is a very unique workshop that would help the therapist reach a higher frequency of healing. Click here to read more and book your place.

Venue: Hornsey Vale Community Centre. 90 Mayfield Road, London N8 9L. or N15 6HA 

  • “Healing Babies and Mothers birth Trauma” working with babies part I and II. May 2021 – 1st one 23rd.5.21 – & second 30th.5.21 
  • Both workshops are for craniosacral therapists, who wish to gain more experience and confidence working with babies. This year the workshops are run without babies. Lots of practice on each other.

To book your place see below  click here to read more and book your place;

Venue: Hornsey Vale Community Centre. 90 Mayfield Road, London N8 9L. 

  • Integration of the self and Clinical intuition practice: Any time in the year, This will be online till July 2021 only minimum of 2 people

This workshop is a key tool for off the body and distance healing, if you do any. Strengthening your intuition as craniosacral therapist. Integrating the whole system, working and connecting to your higher self and higher source of energy, working with healing Lights colours and more. Small group of 4 max (10.00am till 5.00pm).

Venue: London N15 6HA. (6.5 hours CPD) could be another venue nearby in London, it depends on the number of people interested.  click here to read more and book for the next date (small group of max 4 only)

  • “Fearless craniosacral therapist” September 2021 (6.5 Hours of CPD) led by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons). This workshop deals with unconscious fears. How deep unconscious fear can affect the body, mind and life around you or your clients and how to deal with it. How to achieve your goals without your fears stopping you. This can be used with your clients as well.

Venue: London Hornsey Vale community center. Click here to read more and book your place 


  • Dealing with emotions through Craniosacral therapy” 13th of June 2021

This workshop teaches the therapists to deal with clients who have constantly the same emotion over and over again. Client feels that the emotion is usually bigger than it is for a certain situation and they feel they are stuck in the past, with history repeating all the time.

This workshop teaches the therapist to teach the client to find solution for their own emotions when they get stuck. There is an order of dealing with them and it starts with Anger, Sadness, fear, hurt, blame, shame, guilt, jealousy, envy, resentment and more. This is a tool taken from the NLP tool kits, that work amazingly well with craniosacral therapy. It empower the client to deal with emotions, which is what we all need to move forward to a more positive and happy humanity. Let’s start from ourselves first! Click here for more information and book your place.

Venue: Hornsey Vale London. 

For craniosacral therapist, you can buy the video and notes worth 2 hours CPD on IBS for £ 11.00. Contact me if you are interested or buy the IBS book on amazon directly click here 

Grounding mats and tools link also available by clicking here for yourself as a therapist or for your client 

Click here for free CPD videos for you to use, just watch the videos and add it to your cpd paper as for what was useful for you. If required after you watch them I can issue a CPD

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP Practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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