List of CPD Workshops for Cranio-sacral therapists

CPD workshops for craniosacral therapists:

Payments via Revolut or paypal for international therapists can now be made as well. Email me for the information for Revolut transfers.

Online and face to face Workshops – 2022

  • “Strengthening your intuition, integration of the self” online workshop. 6.5 hours CPD 9.30am till 4.30pm – click here to read more and book max 12 people Online and can be booked at any time minimum of 2 people. (this can be done face to face as well).
  • “Grounding and Healing tools for Craniosacral Therapists” online only  led by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) (6.5 hours CPD). This workshop is for very sensitive therapists who feels they need to know more and ground more to be able to heal themselves and others. This is a very unique workshop that would help the therapist reach a higher frequency of healing. Click here to read more and book your place.
  • “Healing Babies and Mothers birth Trauma” working with babies and mothers Online on February 2023. This workshop is full of hands on tips and theory for craniosacral therapists, who wish to gain more experience and confidence working with babies. To book your place see below  click here to read more and book your place;
  • Mindfulness Meditation for therapists all day 6.5 CPD. Online. click here to read more

Face to face workshops 2022 Any of the workshops can be done face to face if two or max of 4 agree on the date at my home.

“Strengthening your intuition”  click here for more information 6.5 hours of CPD

  • “Fearless craniosacral therapist” led by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons). This workshop deals with unconscious fears. How deep unconscious fear can affect the body, mind and life around you or your clients and how to deal with it. How to achieve your goals without your fears stopping you. This can be used with your clients as well. click here to read more and book


  • For craniosacral therapist, you can buy the video and notes worth 2 hours CPD on IBS for £ 11.00. Contact me if you are interested or buy the IBS book on amazon directly click here 
  • Grounding mats and tools link also available by clicking here for yourself as a therapist or for your client 
  • Click here for free CPD videos for you to use, just watch the videos and add it to your CPD paper as for what was useful for you. If required after you watch them I can issue a CPD

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP Practitioner – Certified Angel Guide – Mindfulness meditation teacher

Healing Baby trauma workshop 2019

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