Tart Cherries: health benefit

Tart Cherry (sour cherry) nutritional value and benefit

Cherry tart has been suggested and used for gout for many years. The reason behind it is the anti-oxidant properties as well as the anti-inflammatory properties of the cherry. Tart Cherry contain a high amount of phenols and anthocyanins and cyanidin (Wang, Kuehl). Gallic acid is a phenol that is found high in cherries and in many studies gallic acid is an antioxidant protective of the kidney and the uric acid cycle in particular which is one of the reason it helps the gout.

Many studies have done on the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities of the cherry for muscle damage after extreme exercises. Many studies have been done on runners and the reduction of inflammation and repair after long running sessions. Some studies have been done on the effect on arthritis and fibromyalgia for the reduction of the inflammation naturally. The studies have used cherry juice as it is the quickest way of getting more in a less amount. The study that I read on the effect of the juice after running used frozen Montmorency tart cherries. In order to have the same effect on fresh cherries you need to eat about 45 fresh cherries every day. Which it is great if you are ok with cherries and if you can find them all the year around but in lack of the season for that and because not many do eat everyday 45 cherries (sour cherries) a day, a cherry juice or a powder is pretty cheaper and better.

I love cherries (the sweet and sour) so I rather do both for the pleasure and the taste of the cherry itself and in season I would easily eat 45 cherries or more a day.

I had a look at health shops and there are a lot cherries juices around as well as powder ones. Some supplement company have the powder but for a therapeutic reason of helping with arthritis pain and gout which helps. I have seen one that mixed magnesium with cherry powder which is great for a great session at the gym or running session as well for fibromyalgia or any muscle soreness.

The soreness after an extreme exercise is due to the inflammation cause by the damage done to the muscles and the damage is caused mainly from our own body, so dealing with the oxidation by taking anti-oxidants and the inflammation is a good way to look after your body and muscle and enjoy the exercise. Before you eat a lot of cherries remember though that the sweet cherries contain the same anti-oxidant that any of the berries or kiwi fruits, remember that the darker the fruit is the more anti-oxidant they contain ( e.g. blackberries, blueberries). I would naturally eat the mixed berries (if you are not intolerant to it) and enjoy the summer picking them up naturally (blackberries) or buying them. And above all enjoy them as naturally as they are and if you do a lot of exercise or you are a runner do get the powder one as that would be more effective than eating a kilo of cherries a day…


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