Baby brain development:

Baby brain development and happy synapses building from birth:

I had a very good interesting workshop where Dr Suzanne Zeedyk talked about connection with the baby and what happens from birth onward. What shapes that baby future and the importance of happy memory from birth to 3-4 years of age. The importance of the baby feeling safe, protected and loved even though they cry, or you leave them for a little bit with somebody that they do not know or for just the toilet or shower time. The importance of trust and forgiving starts from birth onward. Dr Zeedyk had plenty of data regarding the expression of babies when either they get the attention or they do not. Also even though they are in the womb they are very sensitive to the outside world. There plenty of studies with babies being calmer and happier if they heard Mozart playing during pregnancy or the mother or grandmother or fathers talks to the belly all the time they will recognize the tone of the voice after birth so they feel secure and safe in their arms and they connect to them very easily. So as there is this wonderful connection in a positive way, there can be the negative connection to things.

Her work attracts my attention because in cranio-sacral therapy the connection between the mother and baby and the baby surrounding is what we work on as well as the physical aspect of the birth.

The mother stress hormones also can affect the baby relaxation or state of being when they are out. If the mother does not run around all the time during pregnancy or cope with stress of organizing things around her, the baby will come out much more relaxed and happy. That does not mean that things cannot change if that happened again. The baby can still developed their happy memory brain neurons from birth onwards. And if the mother cannot help herself with the stress level or feeling anxious about taking care of the baby or being  cared that the baby crying is much more that they can help them for or feeling a bad mother if the baby is crying too much etc.. (this is not to blame the mother for anything that she does or does not do, we are all under more stress than we used to and many of us, including me, did not know how to relax or let go of worries or anxiety and sincerely I wished I had more cranio-sacral treatments during my pregnancy and after or know about all this earlier too but we live and learn and my son is pretty ok with my mistakes or imperfection, he did have cranio-sacral therapy though a 3 weeks and then at 14 months and he still does now).

All these things can change and can be helped with cranio-sacral therapy as well as the mother wanted to change and help herself so that the baby will be helped too. An interesting fact about what Dr Zeedyk says is that the brain is not yet developed at birth. From birth to 1 year old 70% of the brains develops. So every moments of happiness or sadness will form a path of neurons that connects the brain to the emotions or memory, which starts the baby journey into life. That can be a happy memory and a positive attitude towards life or they can be ok but not thrive completely towards what they could have achieved. By the age of 3, 90% of the brain development is achieved. So as you can see these early moments of the baby and child and the connection with the world around them is very important for their own development.

Dr Zeedyk also talks about attachments and mentioned Dr Bowlby, who was a psychologist who noticed and stated the fact that as mammals humans babies are dependent on the adults around them for their survivor. Babies cannot walk before the age of 1 and not run fully by the age of 4. So if there is a danger from a tiger or similar they are still relying on an adult to protect them. ….. attachments warning of danger, fear, trust of adults near them. Also with any form of danger or feeling of loss the baby response is the stress response which is fight and flight response (well for them is crying response for help). Anyway this is a very long and fascinating subject. The main thing here is to make sure that the baby from the start gets all the attention that he needs either from the mother or the next adult carer. The other is to make sure that any trauma from birth for the mother and baby is taken away, physically and emotionally which cranio-sacral therapy seems to help the body and mind to take it out and deal with it. The earliest the better. The 3rd one is that even in a normal birth the trauma and stress can be there. Most of all is to give a lot of love and care to the baby and mother and the connection and the feeling of being safe for the baby no matter how many times he/she cries for help in distress. This article is to stress the importance of the mother as well as the babies to have their cranio-sacral treatment or any treatment that works on the mother physically and emotionally. Please note for any deep issue in adults, a professional psychologist needs to be sought for the issues that are too serious to be dealth with by themselves.

For more information about Dr Suzanne Zeedyk work look at and her inspiring concepts and facts.

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