Scrambled tofu (wheat free)

Scrambled Tofu  (10 minutes max including preparation)

s   1 Block of tofu

s   1 frying pan

s   1-tablespoon olive oil

s   Tamari

s   Nori flakes

Discard sachet of water, into a colander squeeze with your hand the

Excess water from the tofu allowing it to crumble. Heat a little olive oil in a pan adding a drizzle of tamari (soya sauce without the wheat). As the oil begins to heat place the tofu into the pan crushing it with a fork so it resembles(dry) scrambled egg. Add tamari and nori flakes to taste, but make sure to mix in well. Cook for 3-5 minutes or until golden.

Scrambled tofu goes well with stir-fried vegetables, mushrooms or even a bed of rocket/spinach.

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