Kidney beans recipe

Kidney bean stew with rice (collegue recipe)
(cooking time 30 minutes with cooked kidney beans or tinned beans) Serves 2

s   2 cups of dried beans* or 1 tin of organic beans

s   1 carrot sliced

s   1 stalk of celery (cut in small cubes)

s   1 small onion sliced

s   2 cloves of garlic

s   half green pepper

s   half red pepper

s   1 tin of sliced tomatoes (organic if possible) or half kilo of fresh red tomatoes

s   bunch of parsley cut in small pieces

s   pinch of salt (optional)

s   pinch of chilly

s   1 tablespoon of olive oil

s   brown basmati rice (see recipe below)

Put onion and garlic, add salt and chilly in the pan, stir continuously so it doesn’t stick to the pan, cook for few minute. Add tin sliced tomatoes and cooked kidney beans or tin of kidney beans. Cook at low gas for 20 minutes or when sauce is thicker. Add the rest of vegetables, cook for further 5 minutes and add the parsley and oil at the end. Serve with rice or buckwheat or with tortilla.

* Recipe for cooking dried beans:

Soak the beans overnight. Change water in the morning and soak until lunch or dinner. Change water and wash the beans. Cook at high gas for 10 minutes, then simmer the beans for 40 minutes or until soft and cooked. Add water accordingly, as the water will evaporate. Drain the beans if too much water left at the end, or if some water left add it to the tomatoes sauce for the recipe above.

For tin kidney beans make sure that they are organic and they don’t contain sugar or salt. If you don’t find organic beans, make sure to wash the beans well before adding them to the tomatoes sauce.

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