Children anxiety is real and can be helped with craniosacral therapy

I have seen many children lately, mainly with anxiety related disorders. This was due to lack of sleep, too much going on in their lives, and too many things to do, as well as long days at school and home.

I have seen this, especially near the time that children need to change from one school to another. Parents starts to panic and start stressing their children on where is the best school for them, this can be from primary to secondary and from secondary to A levels.

I also seen different background from strict religious background to atheist and more. The amount that is put on the child, either for necessity and or for learning lots of more things is massive.

This means they have so much more information that they need to have, and their sleep is restlessness and have little or none deep sleep.

This leads to the child starting the day tired and ending up being irritated, eating more sugars than they need to, to feed their stress pathway; jumping up and down for a while, than getting exhausted, bypassing their sleep time, and getting even more tired; till they start getting anxious, due to the cortisol being high all the time, and getting the adrenaline rush, which makes them want to fight, run, or freeze. They start having ticks and do things to relieve their stress mode, sometimes with no results. They start fighting with their siblings and their parents, start breathing from their chest, which will give less oxygen. End results, they will be exhausted by the end of the day, and cannot catch up with that exhaustion, till they get ill, quite often, which is the body stopping them from carrying on the way they are carrying on.

This cycle of stress, irritation, ticks, and exhaustion illness, will carry on for the entire months of school, till the summer, and it carries on at times into adulthood. Where they will start running, having a stressful job and keep being deprived of rest, sleep and mental stability.

Can you see the cycle here? So start looking at signs of restlessness into your child, or children behaviour and start thinking if your child is overwhelmed with activities and less rest time. How do they breath? Can they breathe well? Are they having ticks, or even frequent illnesses? Are they anxious or fearful of being left alone? Do they want your attention all the time? Do they talk all the time, without resting their mind? Or are they quite all the time, too much in their head already?

Craniosacral therapy, will help getting their system quieter, calmer and more settle in themselves, with less anxiety. I teach the heartmath breathing technique for parents to teach their children and do some breathing technique themselves, so that they can settle and be present with their children as well.

This will benefit the children as well as the parents, has it will allow presence, space and time to be quite and relax the body and mind, with a physiological, change, mental and spiritual calmness.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher- Resilient heart (heartMath)

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