Phobias eliminated in one session with NLP

I have met many people in the past with quite few phobias, and till few years ago I would use NAET to eliminate it. Now I use NLP method to eliminate it. In one session with one of my clients, we managed to eliminate the phobia of taking the underground, which formed when she got stuck in the underground for over an hour. After 6 months from the incident, she got so anxious about taking the underground that she stopped taking it all together. What we did, was working on the fears first from childhood that she was still carry and then we dealt with the phobia for the underground. I saw her for the top up craniosacral therapy sessions few months later, and she was taking the underground without problems.


One session of NLP for the phobia and it was gone. Contrary to fears, phobia arise from one single incident, and if you know which one it was, it is very easy to eliminate. While fears can be a long standing amount or accumulation from childhood, phobia are only ones.

You can have phobias of – spiders, (even the little ones in the house), snakes, feathers, heights, water, needles, mountains bends, and the sea!

The first consultation will be 1 hour and half with the phobia eliminated and adjusting of your system with craniosacral therapy.

This will change your life in a positive way for ever!

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