High Pitch babies screaming with colic and reflux. What you can do.

Mother’s comment after a session of craniosacral therapy and nutritional suggestions that I make is from one session to another “He is another baby!”

  • After 3 sessions of craniosacral therapy,
  • The babies start to smile and continue to smile and grow in their development;
  • Connect to the mother and carer and surrounded,
  • Grows in weight,
  • poos two to three time a day, without straining or high pitch crying,
  • They are happy babies as they always are and should be;
  • Sleep 3 to 4 hours at night and day it depends on the age, but sleeps few times for longer.
  • Babies also can manage to lie flat on their back without any problem, arms and legs are spread out, hands are open rather than in a fist!

I have been working with babies for the past 11 years with craniosacral therapy. I always loved babies, and being able to help them let go of their pain, is an honour and a blessing.

Most of the babies that I have seen have had a high pitch cry, with colic and reflux. This can start from few days from birth to 6 weeks after birth.

For some babies, this is due to a traumatic birth, for others is due to their intestinal tract and digestive system being still quite small.

Breastfed and bottle fed babies have colic. A high pitch baby crying, is a sign of pain and this can be due to quite often, the babies being constipated (2 to 3 days no pooing at all), to having less of the lactase enzyme to digest their milk, due to the system that opens their digestive valves being shut. This is due to the possibility that they are in the survival mode, due to shock or birth trauma, or even trauma during their gestational time.

The mothers and carers, often having had a traumatic labour, lack of sleep and lack of control over their first baby or even second or third, start to get low, depressed and start withdrawing from socializing or going outside for fear that the baby will have a crying fit and hence the mother will be looked at or she will feel uncomfortable and upset as she might think that other people will judge her! and most people will not, of course, but that will be her feeling at that time (according to many of the mothers I spoke to). So in order for them to avoid the situation, they will stop going out or even inviting people over. This can be a vicious circle, the mother gets upset, the baby crying is unstoppable and the beautiful bond between the mother and the baby can be disrupted and even broken for ever. Doctors will tell you that is normal, which crying normally for being changed, or anger or food is definitely normal. High pitch crying for pain it is not. Especially if you can do something about it, so that the baby and the mother can start their life together.

What can you do, is book an appointment to see a craniosacral therapist click here for more information for my worktime and prices. I also have a drop-in donation based at Crouch-end, school term time only, if you would like to try for 20 minutes click here for more information.

Nutritionally I would suggest if you are breastfeeding to avoid broccoli and the cabbage family for up to 3 months of their age, cut down onions and garlic, chilly peppers, and too much spicy foods, too much sugary foods and drinks, chocolate and coffee, as that would put too much pressure on the liver and their digestive system. Order some probiotics for babies, such as probiotics infantis from Opti-Bac or Biocare, the change is immediate with the probiotics. This is especially essential if the birth was a C-section and water birth or if the mother did not take any probiotics during the last few months of pregnancy.

  • For the reflux, craniosacral therapy is the essential treatment, as that would restore the baby system into the more relaxed mode and hence opening up their digestive system. – Other suggestions are to burb the baby well after a good feed or in between feeds.
  • Raise their beds pram and cot a bit with a pillow underneath as their are not completely flat. This is till they can lie on their back without any problems.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher-

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