Kiwi fruits nutritional value

Nutritional value of a kiwi:

Kiwi fruit is originated in China and was called (and still is there) Chinese Gooseberry. It was then imported to New Zeland where was named kiwi fruits. It is part of the Actinidia family (woody wine plants).

In the past 30 years as the kiwi fruit has been introduced to Europe and the rest of the world there has been an increase in allergy to the fruit. The allergy can be from a mild rash to anyphylatic shock which is more severe and needs immediate medical attention. Some people are allergic to the tree pollen and later develop an allergy to the fruit itself. For this reason it is suggestible not to introduce kiwi fruits before a year old in children that are prone to allergies or have parents that have any form of allergies, including peanuts, celery, tree nuts and seafood’s.

Who ever is not allergic or intolerant to the fruit though, should enjoy the fruit as much as they can as the nutritional value of the fruit is very high.

Kiwi fruits are full of vitamins especially antioxidants and protective phenols for the artery and heart. Its nutritional content of vitamin C is higher than an orange, it contains also vitamin E and high amount of polyphenols (anti-oxidants). The seeds have some omega 3 fatty acids which have blood thinning properties and anti-inflammatory action. The kiwi fruits contains also vitamin K for blood clotting, and the antioxidant specific for the eyes which are the beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Some studies have found that kiwi are also good for bowel movements and therefore good to relieve constipation, the study was mainly done on IBS sufferers (irritable bowel syndrome, but any fruits will be very helpful for constipation). For some people too much fruits can cause the opposite of constipation therefore they might need to decrease their intake of fruits or have it in smaller amounts. In summary if you are not allergic to the fruits have 1 to 3 a day to get the greatest benefit of its nutrient content and enjoy it as usual….

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