Weight loss and healthy eating with nutritional therapy, and/or craniosacral therapy and NLP

Weight loss and healthy eating with nutritional therapy, and/or craniosacral therapy and NLP to change your taste from sweet tooth and unhealthy eating to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.

The past two years we have seen a surge of awareness in understanding our health. “We are what we eat” is often used as a reminder that what we put in our bodies, is what the body will use for its fuel. If you eat and drink things that our body cannot use, for any reason, then our body might get ill or sick or dis-eased. Often that leads to :

  • hyperglycemia and then diabetes II, due to food, or
  • obesity, overweight,
  • liver problems, unable to move well and the so-called syndrome X, which is diabetes, overweight, and heart problem.
  • Stress is one of the factors for unhealthy eating.
  • Emotions and feelings are also the most factors for unhealthy eating and drinking. The most emotions that are negative stem from our childhood or beliefs and habits that stem from our childhood, or we picked them up on the way to adulthood through peer pressure and society pressure.

In the tailored session, we look at your diet, your lifestyle and the emotions that drive you to eat unhealthily.

With the combination of dietary changes, exercise that you would like to do or just simple walking exercise, and NLP with craniosacral therapy sessions to remove old patterns and install new positive patterns on how to deal with emotions, when that happens, so that the choices that you make for your own health and life, are positive and rewarding.

For the past 30 years, clients have changed positively the way they saw life and themselves, changing old beliefs and old ways of being. Moving forward to what they really wanted to do in life and being able to succeed.

Click here to read more about my sessions. Invest in your health and your health will be rewarding you with being happier within yourself, being happier as a person with others, your family, your children and friends and life itself!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET and Neurolinguistic practitioner – Craniosacral therapist (from pregnancy to babies/children and adults) – Certified Angel Guide – Meditation teacher –

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