Allergies can reduce immunity!

NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination treatment) & craniosacral treatment

Eczema before treatment

A low-grade inflammation, which might be caused by constant allergies or high allergies can trigger part of the immune system to go down. The part that can be reduce is the one that fights viruses. People can be allergic to anything and this depends on many things, genetic, first exposure and how the body system at the time of the 1st exposure was, e.g. high stress level. I have seen in the past 15 years adults and children go down with their over reaction to natural food and the environment, by using the method NAET and combining it with craniosacral therapy. The change can be immediate or might take few therapy sessions to see the major changes. Either way you still get a huge benefit from being tested in a non-invasive way through the NAET method and being relaxed and settled with the craniosacral therapy. Each session might show a different layer of healing the body, and each session will take the person or child to a different level of body, mind and soul healing. It is amazing to see how each person transform and feel different from when they first come in. The life around them also change, and the way they deal with life changes and challenges change completely. I know of some of my client, that have had a life change experience that were not expected and probably would not be ready to have, if they did not have the treatments. That is as their focus of energy shifts from their body over reaction, to a state of mind that is full of potential and hope for the future!

6 months after treatment with NAET and craniosacral therapy

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