Long COVID fight it with nutrition and craniosacral therapy

I read and hear of long COVID symptoms from many people, including one of my friends who had a long tiredness for a while and could not shake it off. The majority of the long COVID symptoms are the ones that had the lung problems. Now having had the stomach COVID last year, I know what that fatigue was about. I dealt with it with nutrition and craniosacral healing. When I had the flu, I felt afterwards that my entire system was out of balance. That can be with a combination of low nutrients status due to the immune system using a lot of the body resources to fight the virus, and the shock to the physical body. Staying also immobile, due to the tiredness, for 10 days, might also put the body into a more state of fatigue and muscle waste.

What I found that helped is a high particular nutrients supplements, plus a craniosacral/healing session to put my system and mind, back to normal.

It took me a month to be fully recovered, for some, might take more than one session of craniosacral healing to settle, depending on how long they have been in a state of tiredness.

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