Sage and Basil benefits, including supporting the immune system and the respiratory system

Sage benefit

Sage extract has been researched and studies for various conditions. It is one herb that my mother and her mother in turn used for many things, including hot flushes in menopause. My mum never had any hot flashes and I do not recall my grandmother having any either. My parents are the ones that unconsciously drove me to choose a nutritional degree here in England and being a therapist and caring for others, is from my mum side. Salvia (sage), as it is called in the official term is one of the largest genus of the plant Lamiaceae, which mint, basil, oregano, lavender, rosemary and thyme belong too. There many species of sage worldwide. It is mainly a Mediterranean herb, and it is used for teas and cooking. It is interesting that this herb meaning of the name from the Latin dictionary, means “to heal”. You can make teas from it, as I mention before and drink it few times a day, especially for menopause women and man with hot flashes. It has been studied to help with Alzheimer and memory, diabetes, liver detox, is an anti-inflammatory herb.

It has been used in the Europe in the past for:

Digestive issues;






Memory problems;

Mouth and throat inflammation;



Excessive sweating (hot flashes);

It is a cleansing of the body and also the air and energy around you. If dried, sage is burned and it has been used for clearing the rooms of low and stagnant energy. It clears the air in a nutshell.

You can see how in the past and still in some Countries, are still used for certain ailments from people, instead of taking medications! This is a preventative herb as well as minor problems above, rather than a medication. In supplementation, can be used for more symptomatic problems. Warning: If you are taking any medication always consult an herbalist or your doctor before taking any sage supplement.

Reference: Lopresti A. L. (2016). Salvia (Sage): A review of its potential cognitive-enhancing and protective effects. Drugs in R&D; volume 17, pages53–64 (2017).

Basil benefit

Basil like sage belong to the same family of Lamiaceae. It is used in the meditarrenan culinary for many dishes, cooked and uncooked. Traditional it has been used as a medicinal herb for various ailments, such as:

  • headaches,
  • coughs,
  • diarrhea,
  • constipation,
  • warts,
  • worms
  • kidney disorders.
  • Respiratory problems

It has been used also as an antimicrobial and antifungal as well as immunomodulator. In Italy basil is used with tomato sauces and on top of the toasted bread with fresh tomato as in the traditional “bruschetta”.

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