Babies and children can feel the overwhelming emotions of the last pandemic.

Research have shown for the past years that babies can feel the emotional stress around them. Even in the womb. The past year has been tough for everyone, that includes babies and small children. Babies are very much attached to the mother or carer emotional status. Now, this is inevitable and as we are all humans, including mothers, there is nothing you can do to avoid having emotions, the so-called challenging ones like, sadness, anger, pain and low emotions even, that could be also due to the after-pregnancy hormonal down fall, plus what is going around as well. Last year, was a global raise in fear, sadness, shock and high and low, due to uncertainty of the future. Mothers, like everybody else felt the stress from it all, especially going to hospital where there was a high risk of getting the virus, or any virus.

What you can do as a mother is to go out in the open, where is quieter as much as possible. Connect to nature. Call friends or other mothers that you might have met or even talk to other mothers from a distance even and still in the open. Share your fears and worries with your partners or loved ones. Watch a child movie or cartoons, or a funny movie to lift your spirit up!

Sleep when you can, if the baby wakes you up at night, which is normal for the first few months.

Listen to relaxing music when you breastfeed or at any time you feed your baby, so you can both relax.

If you can, both you and the baby, or child can have a craniosacral therapy, which relaxes the baby and mother in one session.

Craniosacral therapy also settles the baby after a C-section or traumatic events, like the pandemic last year, this can be for the mother as well, especially if there are still lots of fears and worries for the future.

baby in hand

If the baby has got colic, constipation, reflux and sleep little compared to other babies, craniosacral therapy in about two to three session can settle the baby and mother into a more balance state. Usually that state of balance set the baby up for life in a happier way of being, as things shifts into a different mode altogether with the baby sleeping more, smiling more than crying (even though crying is part of babies’ communication, so be patient with that), and the mother having more sleep and smiling back at their baby!

With toddlers having gone through a complete different social way of being last year, also a session or two might help them to move on and forward to get more social with other kids without the fear that an invisible thing can cause the death of grandparents and other people!

The free help for adults who can do some breathing meditation or just breathing evening and morning if they can, might reach a different state of mind and cope with what is going on around the world right now with less fear of the what future holds! Remember as humans we have been through this before, in-fact the elderly have gone through this before and maybe they can share their way of seeing things now!

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© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R- Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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