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The past year has been tough for most people, and rebalancing our health is essential for us to get back to a normal way of living, even though there might be few years before that might actually happen.

If you observe the wild life, even in time of trauma and disasters, they keep going. They have that inner instinct that will allow them to carry on, no matter what. They do that like nothing happened. They have also a natural way of being happy by carrying on their lives as they know it.

As humans is a bit more difficult, as we analyse everything and we might keep more of the negative experience of it, instead of the positive learning from what happened. Obviously for the loss of people there are many ways of dealing with that and it is more of addressing that. For the most people, who have struggled to cope with living a different life, in the past year, and mostly being very selective with whom we meet and even being self-isolating for fear or for self guarding.

Small children have struggled and they are still struggling with the self-isolation and little socialization with other children. The children who have sibling, were better as they play with each other, the single child unit of family, have been struggling a bit more. It is essential that for the single one or the small children who have struggled during the past year that have some sort of help to rebalance and get rid of the fear that they have been put on, or maybe the computer games and online games that they might have played more than usual. Especially for the very sensitive children, playing so much online or off line, might set a lifetime of self isolation when in they have problems, rather than facing them. This is also with teenagers and young adults, who have lost the communication with their parents or never had that communication in the first place.

Even for adults, who struggle to cope with emotions and feelings might have struggled to deal with the past year pandemic.

The good things is that there are lots of therapies and help out there for anybody at the present moment. There free ones and paid ones. So for anyone who is still working, it is worth to have a therapy online or face to face that helps them deal with the global trauma of the past year, as an adult or for their children or even babies.

For the others there are so many free tools online that you do not have any excuse for not using them.

My therapies, from Nutritional advice to emotional and mental advice and healing with distance healing, craniosacral therapy healing, NLP tools for the positive outcomes in life and self empowering tools and more, are available and affordable. Look of the rest of the website to know more.

Most of all, smiling, laughing, being gentle and kind with yourself and others are all free things that can raise your frequency. So is grounding by walking or running, or doing any exercise in the park, breathing from your diaphragm, relaxing and meditating, talking to nice people on your walk if appropriate and having hope and trust for the future, talking to a friend if possible about your concerns or just having a chat with them, might brighten your day. Observing nature while you walk is also a great way to raise your frequency!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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