Gut and brain connection to health

Our Brain relies on our gut health to be well

Being healthy, it is considering our gut health and our mental and emotional health, as well as connecting to our own soul. In my clinic, I combine the gut and brain health, and mental and emotional health. Working on conditioned way of thinking from childhood with old beliefs and old trauma that we carry on from generation to generation. Guess what, you do not need to carry it on all the time, you can clear it, transform them into a positive way and be yourself. All of this start from your gut health. Did you know that the gut is an outsider for the body, so what you eat, what you let in the body, is essential to your internal health, that includes your brain’s health. I have dealt with IBS and allergy related condition with the method called NAET, to rebalance your intestinal tract, get re-balance your own body to recognize the healthy food as healthy, and getting your brain to think more positive about who you are and what you want to do in life. All this is a combination of 30 years of being a therapist and seeing so many people getting into a state of gut and brain health, and becoming themselves through craniosacral therapy and NLP.

Just a bit of scientific part of why the gut is connecting to our brain:

20 to 25% of oxygen is used by our brain, and hence any food that we eat is essential for our brain. Our body has got a power making cells called mitochondria which makes energy for our entire body and brain. 20% of the energy that the mitochondria make is used by the brain, and the brain use the aerobic energy. The more we use our brain, e.g., through studying or working using our mind, the more energy we need to make to keep our brain healthy. Neurons in our brain, use about 1 million mitochondria to make the energy necessary for the axon and neurological brain and body neurons to be healthy. The brain needs protein, fat and carbohydrate, as well as all the nutrients and minerals to get things working well. It takes a lot of good nutrition in order to keep everything working well. It is essential that our diet is full of nutrients and good protein, fat and carbohydrate to get our body and our brain happy.

Our mind does need a bit of stress to get our brain healthy, believe it or not. Too much stress though, will destroy our brain. So, a healthy stress is good for our brain. Walking, running and exercise is a healthy stress for the body, so that our mitochondria will make good powerful energy.

Any inflammation in the brain or in the body, due to poor eating habits, eating lots of sugar or bad fat through take away or poor nutritional food, then your body and brain will struggle to get healthy and positive as well, as even slow grade inflammation will use a lot of the power fuel that the mitochondria make to keep the inflammation low. Also inflammation will use a lot of anti-oxidants that hopefully you eat.

Reducing and preventing brain and body inflammation, is essential to our own healthy brain, and that is also essential for our positive thinking to kick in.

What kind of nutrients the body needs to be healthy? Well food that comes from the earth, good fat, good protein and good carbohydrate, as well as food full of nutrients such as green and varied vegetables, varied and seasonal fruits, and a healthy positive mind, by doing exercise that is right for you, something that you enjoy. It can be just walking in nature, as long as you can, from a minimum of 2 hours a day spread throughout the day.

Very good anti-oxidants that contain polyphenols, which are good for the brain are foods such as red grapes, pomegranates, blueberries, turmeric, apples, cranberries, and any of the healthy fruits and vegetables.

Sugar as I mentioned before, is the enemy for our brain and body. Sunlight is essential for our own energy, like the leaves of the tree that absorb chlorophyll through the sunlight, our own cells needs that sunlight in order to get the power from the sunlight into our body. Hence vitamin D is essential to be taken during winter time in England from November till April, as the Light is not strong enough to get us the vitamin D. The darker the skin the less vitamin D you make in England.

In order to give your child, the healthy start, it is essential that they have all the healthy food as possible, so that they do not get addicted to sugar and sugary foods or even salty foods. Just remember any food that comes from the earth, is a healthy food.

Exercise is essential to get our brain working well, and we need much more than 1 hour a day, especially if you sit down at the computer to work. Take many breaks to get you grounded and connected to earth.

The digestive system needs to be in good order for the brain to be healthy, there are many research and studies connecting our brain to the gut and vice-versa.

Make sure that your stools are regular and healthy, not too lose or too hard, just healthy. Pellets stools means your intestinal tract is dry and you might eat some food that is unhealthy for you, even if it is healthy.

The Mediterranean diet, all the berries, pomegranate, oily fish, healthy number of probiotics to keep our gut healthy. Rutin is an antioxidant for the brain, lipoic acid and vitamin E as well.

Even a bit of caffeine seems to help with our repair and activate of the brain, and induce positive effect on the brain. (1 a day caffeine, or green tea).

The vagal nerve, which deals with the digestive system is essential for the health of our gut and brain health. This is also essential for our emotions to be healthy, the Vagal nerve is involved in dealing with emotions. If we are on a fast pace life with no pleasure or no good diet, and be on a constant sympathetic division, then the vagal nerve, which is involved in relaxation and the healthy of the body and mind, will be shut down.

The vagal nerve is engaged also in reducing inflammation and in rep-airing what needs to be repaired. This happens during our sleep at night, during our good deep sleep, without it, there is no repair, and our brain is in constant use of energy. This after years will exhaust the person and lead to possible di-sease of the mind and body. If taken in time, it can be reversed, if not then it will be hard to get to a health status.

Start breathing!

Breathing is essential for the vagal nerve and breathing with our diaphragm, is essential for the health of the vagal nerve and our intestinal digestive system.

Other way of getting your vagal nerve in action is free and easy to get if you want to, being outside in nature, laughter, cold exposure, yoga and meditation, play and be relaxed is essential for our brain health and body health. Being social and spent time with people we love is also essential to our brain health. This has been something that the past year we had to stop doing, and it is essential that eventually we all going to socialize soon, when is safe to do so for everybody, to get our brain healthy again. Even if it is through computer and phone now, it is better than nothing. Use your social media for good intention and for positive reasons. Again just smile at people when you go for a walk, just connect nicely, say hi! b

Prevention is always better than cure, so getting your diet sorted now that you are young, or not so young, is essential for your brain health at any age, but especially to keep your brain healthy till the end of your days. Plenty of good fats such as found in fish, nuts and avocadoes, are beneficial for our brain to stay healthy.

Folate is essential for our brain health, not only for women in pregnancy, but in all adults, and folate is found in green leafy vegetables, so include them in your diet, if you have not yet.

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© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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