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Payments via Revolut transfer for international therapists can now be made as well, in pounds. Email me if you would like to pay for any online workshops in this way.

  • “Strengthening your Intuition, integration of the self” Sunday 9th of October 2022 face to facewhen a minimum of two people book and a max of 8.
  • Grounding and Healing next online workshop on Sunday 17th of November 2022 with a minimum of two people and a max of 8.
  • Mindfulness meditation for therapists.
  • Healing babies and mothers trauma February 2023 online click here for more information and book. 8 hours CPD (6.5 for online live and 1.5 hours videos to watch)
  • Dealing with emotions with CST – (NLP tools that combines very well with craniosacral therapy, through timeline). click here to read more and book

Details information about the workshops online:

Online “Grounding and Healing tools” for craniosacral therapists. It is the same setting as the normal face to face but on line. This is run on the 24.10.21, starting at 9.30am and registration at 9.15am till 5.00pm. To register and pay for this workshop pay below with pay-pal or bank transfer, details below. You will get the zoom link once you pay. Please do be on time, you will be allowed in about 15 minutes before 9.30am. Registration at 9.15am.

You will be working with another person or two via zoom room to practice from distance (strengthening your intuition in doing so). Do have your own table couch available to use for yourself and to practice on the other therapist. There will be two practical for the day, I will guide people on the exercise to be done on themselves. It is an unusual way of working, and we have entered an unusual time. Flexibility of our mind, will take us to the other side of the tunnel. This will strengthen your intuition for when you work on your client face to face.

6/7 hours of CPD

There will be two tea breaks of 10 minutes and a 45 minutes lunch break. 

The workshop aim is to make the Therapists more grounded as well as teaching simple tools for your own clients, understand why we and others might be ungrounded and work towards healing ourselves and others. This in our experience leads to a successful practice as well as safeguarding your own health and well-being.
The aim of the workshop is to give more knowledge to the therapists about grounding, healing and protecting themselves and their clients. What the workshop will include:

Practical workshop.

  • Energy Management in order for you to be busy and still feel energetic to live a fully personal life
  • Introduction to different grounding techniques, including how to deepen your own grounding, and tools to pass on to our clients.
  • Understanding when a person is ungrounded and when they are grounded. List of things to watch for.
  • Reasons for the person to keep ungrounding. Exercises to give to your client to ground daily and practice daily, while you work on them.
  • Overview of chakras including their relevance in CST; how to use healing techniques to clear, cleanse, protect and balance yourself and/or others, through a healing tool that can be used by you to clear the rubbish accumulated on this life from birth to the now. With any of the exercise of healing you only clear things that they do not need anymore, it is like empty the rubbish bin with each and every chakra and fill it with the appropriate light colour. By doing son you balance own and your client mid-center energy flow, so that they start living their life as themselves. What ever pace they need to clear and cleanse is up to their system.
  • Using the chakras to close down, desensitize and protect the human energy field, and their environment, therapy room, couch, etc.
  • NLP tool of anchoring safety and grounding for yourself and your clients at the end of their session, to empower yourself and your client with a tool to take away.
  • Added Yoga meditation to strengthen the root chakra (by Natasha Singh R-CST and Yoga teacher).
  • Mindful meditation for more grounding are now added to the list of things to do
  • Mostly Practical workshop. Handouts will be emailed to you prior to the workshop with the zoom link. Any problems on the day to link up call my mobile on 07956662954

Earthing mats for grounding link click here

Here some of the comments from therapists who attended our workshops: latest online feedback

From 1 to 10 how grounded were you? “9 at end of day, having started at 7. Many, many thanks, Maria. I so enjoyed our time together. I came away from the workshop feeling much lighter and far more confident in my ability to ground clients. I loved the chakra work and will incorporate this into my craniosacral sessions. A really lovely day.”

“I will definitely put it in practice for both personal and professional purposes. Especially the grounding and protection exercises. I started the workshop with 4/10 in terms of grounding and I left with 8-9/10. Just to say thank you for guiding us, participants, so well during the exercises, your clear explanations, and shared knowledge were very much appreciated.”

“Good Practical advice on how to ground, working on chakras. Grounding at the end  of the day 9 from 4”

“An interesting and enjoyable workshop. Find useful the grounding exercise and being aware of issues related to chakras”.

“Using of new techniques, developing ideas. Grounding 9 at the end”.

“Very high teaching experience. Grounding at the end of the day 10 (the highest).

“This kind of workshop is vital for therapists. Stuff that perhaps you take for granted but of which I have no experience yet!”

“This was one of the best & most informative courses that i have been on during my career”

“Good balance of practice and teaching and presentation”

No refund once you book your place. Especially if paid via PayPal you can give your place to somebody else that would be interested. Max of 12 people. 

Price for online workshop £ 75.00

Payment via bank transfer or pay-pal. Bank transfer TSB 308472 – 24603860

Grounding to earth

Strengthening your intuition, integration of the self” for CSTs click here to read more and book your place

Online workshop starts at 9.30am and finishes around 4.30/5pm. Two tea breaks of 10 minutes and 45 minutes lunch time. To book for the online workshop pay via bank transfer. You will get the zoom link once paid with the notes about the workshop. The CPD certificate will be emailed within the week.  

Ideal for off the body sessions or distance healing if you do any. 

Integrating the whole system and connecting to your higher self, while connecting to Higher Sources or the Universe.

CST clinical practice for integration of the body mind and soul. Working with your higher self and connection to your Guides, your higher self and infinite source of the Universe, working with Angels colours and their healing power. Remember these are tools for you as a therapist, so that you save your own energy and manage to live a life without exhaustion.

Energy management is essential for being who you are at all time.

This is for post graduate only and for therapists who wants to explore the deeper connection with their higher self and soul and working with Higher state of mind.

The choice of work depends on the therapists and their own Higher selves and ready gift. This can be used with clients who also are very gifted, to support their journey and helping them to reach their full potential, or for the therapists to grow in their intuition and healing skills that is appropriate for CST work.

Each therapist will have a full session of dealing with their own issues and healing them of any restriction that they have.

We work on integrating the soul, which can reveal your full potential as a craniosacral therapist and therapist in general as well as Higher Universal sources of healing.

This will include Lights energies and more, it depends on your choice of help that you want to have on the day. We will work with higher beings of Light from the rainbow Lights frequency. You need to be open minded for this workshop. 

The workshop will be led by me and during the sessions I will put my input and my experience in working at the highest level, with the physical, mind and soul all involved.

Cost is £ 60 pounds. Bank details see below.

No refund for this workshop unless you find a substitute for this.

Payment via bank transfer: Maria Esposito TSB code 308472 account 24603860 (if you want to pay via pay-pal pay click on the button below:

What other therapists said about the workshops:

“It liked the shamanic work that happened naturally during the sessions”

“I find most useful the visualization, grounding, Maria connecting at the same time and explaining what she was seeing”

“I found most useful the practice, and guidance during the practice. Thank you for this useful, interesting and healing day.”

“I feel very grounded and connected to my intuition, thank you very much for teach

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – R-craniosacral therapist – NAET -NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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