Meditation – grounding tips and anchoring grounding/safety and more

Webinars meditation for grounding, and anchoring safety, grounding and motivation and inner strength:

Wednesdays at 6pm till 7.30 & Fridays 12-13.30 (London time) via zoom link starting from November 4th 2020 week (only when paid you get the link or be allowed in) click here to see the days and times.

If you do not get in for any reason, your payment goes into another day. Your microphone when in will be switched off. Questions for the last 10 minutes of the webinar can be asked regarding the meditation and grounding and clearing exercises. This is for a general meditation, any personal help regarding nutrition/NAET craniosacral therapy and distance healing needs to be booked as a private session. See website information above.

Meditation/grounding webinar plan

  • Healing clearing meditation
  • Tips on how to be grounded and knowing when you might be ungrounded
  • Another clearing meditation
  • Anchoring grounding, safety and any other state of mind and feeling that you might need through the NLP anchoring tool.
  • Questions and answer regarding the webinars
  • Any other connection to the soul and spiritual awareness see Ariami Marpisa (pseudo name of Maria Esposito for the books) website
  • This workshop is not recorded

How would you know you are ungrounded?

  • You would feel foggy headed since you wake up in the morning.
  • You lose things easily
  • You book things online, without checking that you booked for the right dates, or thinking that you have booked for the right dates.
  • Everything around your life is chaotic
  • You might attract a lot of negative things into your life
  • It is harder to do what you need to do in life
  • You are always late for things, even when you wake up with plenty of time
  • You get easily distracted from other people problems
  • You might feel dizzy quite often for no apparent reason
  • You feel extreme anxiety for little things to do in life
  • You eat and drink things that are unhealthy for you
  • And many more…..

How would you know you are grounded?

  • You get well organized for things that you want to do in life
  • Follow your life purpose
  • Be on time for things that you need to do
  • Things in life gets much better in general, positive things
  • You look after your own body and health
  • You make decisions based on your current situation and even connect to your intuition more
  • Life in general gets much easier even in the current challenges
  • Answer that you need to get from life, gets to your, through opportunities that present themselves to you in some way or another

This is for everyone price £ 21.00 payable via pay-pal, you can pay as a guest as well via pay-pal. Booking needs to be at least 1 day in advance for me to add you in the list to get into the zoom.


To book for the Fridays workshop book with the below button

Fridays workshop book here

Email me on for any problems.

There is no refund once you book. You can rebook for another day if there is an emergency on the day you booked. Please notice only 3 emergency in a month are allowed.

Beyond Science books I, II, and III by Ariami Marpisa click here to buy it and click here to buy the second one on the publisher side

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET practitioner – R-Craniosacral therapist – Neuro linguistic programming – Certified Angel Guide copyrights

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