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My two books “Beyond Science I & II” & Beyond Science III by Ariami Marpisa which is a true story about Craniosacral experience when you work with an open mind and you trust your intuition.” The three books make sense more than ever now in the current situation.

Beyond science III will be on amazon for a limited time as this is the time that the understanding of ourselves as the world around us and that we are never alone is more essential click here

This is a detailed account about craniosacral treatments sessions which went beyond the scientific method of the physical, mental and emotional work, while having a powerful healing outcome.

Worth reading to see what potential you have as a craniosacral therapist or any other type of therapist.

You can buy the two books by clicking here from the publishers or I have few special edition copies to sell on the day for 20 pounds:
click here from Austin Macauley

Or click here

Click here to get it from Zeus Publications (including e-book)

Click here for paper copy of the book on (you can order it even if out of stock, it will be printed and shipped as soon as you order it).

Click here to see Ariami Marpisa messages during this times on the website on the lockdown, including Rose channelling the message in March 2020

Ariami Marpisa

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