Guidelines for working face to face – Nutritional Therapy – Craniosacral Therapy +

The workplace room and home will have the following in place, till this is required by the Government and Nutritional Association CNCH association and CSTA guide lines.

Our world as we knew it has changed and for at least the next year or so till there is a better solution for the pandemic virus of 2020, the following guidelines will be in place. This will include working with adults, children and babies, guidelines. As with any other bacteria and viruses, there is no guarantee that we would not catch it, the liability waiver/disclaimer will need to be signed for the first time back and new client for face to face.

In order for me to do the job that I love and carry on the job that I love, which is helping people to heal and get better, I would respect and understand the rules and guideline. Read the following through well.

As we all going to live a more sociable life soon and travelling via plane, that includes myself, I would also encourage people to follow the Government guidelines for that. As it will be impossible for me to do a 15 days isolation, every time someone has got a scare, and make a living only with the face to face sessions, I would recommend to think of my other ways of working, which are still very effective and valid to improve your health; the new tools of NLP will be even more empowering for your own self-healing.

Face to face sessions will be done only for 3 days a week. Two week day and Saturdays, same times 9.30am to the last appointment at 5pm. A max of 4 people will be seen during one day with a two days separation as to give me the time to wash and dry everything that I use during the consultations at the end of the day. The other two days will be dedicated to online consultations and distance healing.

In order to be flexible with the days of working face to face, the first person to book the appointment for a particular day, will lead that week days of working.

I strongly encourage people to consider distance healing, (under the Certified Angel Guide), especially if they are worried about catching the virus, or live with the High-risk people group or themselves are in the high-risk group. The treatment, will have the same benefit and outcome of the face to face craniosacral therapy.

Spiritual healing and craniosacral therapy for me has been hand in hand since the beginning of my training in 2010/11. Hence with my knowledge and awareness that I have accumulated so far, this will be my new way forward in the long run. Please read on my website for more information about distance healing.

Nutritional therapy by itself can be easily done on line and either via Skype, which is under my email or what’s up video call. Follow ups for nutritional advice can be done for 30 minutes via call, skype or what’s up.

NAET and nutritional therapy will be done half and half. 40 minutes phone call, for the extra information that I need after the health check form and food diary has been emailed and signed or everything could be filled via phone call if not possible to email me the information. This is part of the actual consultation and treatment. The rest of the consultation face to face, testing and treatment will be done in 45 minutes at a booked day and time after the guidelines have been read and a liability waiver/disclaimer has been signed. This will be kept on each person file and be valid for any subsequent visits face to face.

NLP teaching tools for various can be done either online, via skype, what’s up or phone call. Read on my website for the benefit of the work with NLP. This will be combined with my knowledge and experience as a complementary therapist for the past 30 years. 

Here are the guidelines for face to face work and home visits:

From my part:

  • Door handles, doorbells, switches, gate entrance handle, toilets button and toilets, as well as the sink tap will be cleaned before, and after each client. The couch rolls will be on the couch as usual, there will be no couch cover. The couch will be disinfected before and after each client. Any chair will have the couch rolls on them when used by clients, and will be disinfected before each client and between clients.
  • Toilets facilities will have a hands-free soap dispenser and paper-towel/tissue to wipe hands.
  • The premises will be cleaned before and in between clients. The sitting couch and chairs will have couch paper or a cover that can be wiped and disinfected before and after each client, a couch cover will also be placed underneath the plastic cover, that will be washed at the end of each day. All the washing will be done according to the suggested guidelines, at 60 + degree and separated from my own washing.  
  • I will change my clothes between each client, and wash my hands and harms and hand sanitize them.
  • Blankets and pillow cases, will be changed for each client. You can also bring your own blanket if possible.
  • Toys for children will be washed and then put in the dish washer, or disinfectant between each child. Only toys that are washable will be shared. If possible, please bring your own child’ toy to play, and books to read for them, as books will not be shared for the time being.
  • The room will be ventilated for 20 minutes, through opening the windows, between client. I will use also a homemade spray with tea tree oil, lemon, lavender and peppermint oil; if you are allergic to any of them let me know before the appointment.
  • Appointment timing will be spread to an hour apart, so that will give enough time to clean the premises. For this reason, I am asking the clients to be on time for their appointments as much as they can, and we will finish withing the 45 minutes or an hour, according to the appointment booked.
  • I will wear a mask, and cotton gloves during the treatments till this is required by law, and one pair of cotton gloves per client or household.
  • The disclaimer for new follow ups sessions from July 2020 and 1st time treatments needs to be signed and emailed before the appointment. If you do not have a printer, I can print the page for you. You need to bring your own pen to sign the document.
  • As required by the new rules, please bring your own water and pen to write anything relevant.
  • Clients need to check 24 hours in advance of any appointment, if they or anyone in their household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Clients part to follow:

  • I am asking each client to check their own temperature before each appointment. As I will do the same for myself and my family, each day of face to face.
  • Clients if possible, needs to bring their own hand-gel sanitizer or wash their hands as soon as they enter the premises before touching anything else, especially if they have travelled via bus or train.
  • Clients, needs to wear new clean socks that are used only for the treatment and be changed at the end of the treatment.
  • If possible, payment should be paid via bank transfer or pay-pal if living outside England, one day prior to the appointment. You can still pay cash on the day.
  • You can only use your own pen and water as per suggested so do bring them.
  • Clients need to check 24 hours in advance of any appointment, if they or anyone in their household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms

Home visits:

  • Same rules apply for home visits, what I am asking for the people to do is to add extra clean cover for my visits in places where I can seat.
  • I will have a hand-gel sanitizer that I will use before I enter the premises. I will use a different mask from the one that I used on the train/bus.
  • I will wear clean cotton mask and cotton gloves for each household.
  • If I am treating a toddlers or baby, I will wear a clean beautician coat that I will wear once I enter your home.
  • Just bear in mind that I might need to use your toilet if I need to travel to you, so ensure that handle doors and toilet button will be disinfected before and after I leave.
  • I will bring my own water and pens.
  • Any health-check form and disclaimer/waiver need to be signed before the face to face appointment, if you do not have a printer, use your own pen to sign the waiver.
  • In order for myself and you to be as stress free as possible, only book a home visits or face to face if you are absolutely ok with everything that can happen.

Babies treatment at home or home visits

  • On top of the guidelines already in place as stated above, a beautician coat cover will be used for one baby only, household.
  • For babies near the area that I live and that I can walk to, or free parking. For adults, will be only for my existing clients, and if they are ok to have me in their premises without panic.
  • Clients need to check 24 hours in advance of any appointment, if they or anyone in their household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Any clients who are at the high-risk category will not been seen by me, face to face.

The online appointment, NLP and distance healing in these cases will be offered instead. See below for the clients in high-risk category:

Clients in this category have been identified as being at extremely high clinical risk of infection and must avoid face to face contact with anyone outside their household for at least 12 weeks following any period of lockdown. 

If you are at high risk of contracting COVID-19 or have somebody that you take care of, live with or need to visit often, please do not book an appointment as your risk could be higher:

  • If you or anybody that you are in close contact with, have had an organ transplant; having a chemotherapy or antibody treatment for cancer, including immunotherapy; are having an intense course of radiotherapy or radical radiotherapy; for lung cancer or any cancer; having targeted cancer treatments that affect your immune system; have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia, lymphoma, or myeloma; have a bone marrow or stem cell transplant in the past six months.
  • Taking any immunosuppressant medication; have any lung condition such as cystic fibrosis, severe asthma, any type of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; have a condition that means they you have a very high risk of getting infections such as Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) or sickle cell; • are taking medicine that makes them much more likely to get infections (such as high doses of steroids); • have a serious heart condition; you are pregnant; you have diabetes, or any heart condition, are taking any immune suppressant for arthritis or any immune disorders;
  • Are taking any medication that will reduce your immune system, including Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen; naproxen; diclofenac; celecoxib; mefenamic acid; etoricoxib; indomethacin; high-dose aspirin); low doses of steroids. Any other moderate to severe health condition. Have any lung condition from moderate to severe, bronchitis, heart disease, emphysema. Have chronic kidney disease, liver disease, any of the condition such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy.
  • If you are 65 years and over. You are pregnant. (for this distance healing can be done instead, these are considered moderate risk).
  • If your BMI is over 40, and/or are obese. (moderate risk)
  • Clients need to check 24 hours in advance of any appointment, if they or anyone in their household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Remember why we are doing all this.

“A world without the wisdom, unconditional love, and compassion of our elders will be a sad and chaotic world” Maria Esposito

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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