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If you are suffering of hay fever right now, here are the natural anti-histamine:

  • If you have some Vaseline just spread it a bit into your nostrils so that the pollen stops getting into your nose and make you sneeze, you can do that few times a day.

The following supplements reduce the histamine reaction. It works really well and within about 20 minutes of taking them.

  • Vitamin C from 500 mg to 2000 mg a day in the worse time a day
  • Vitamin E 200 iu to 4oo iu a day
  • Quercetin follow the dosage suggested on the bottle
  • Oily fish up to 1000 mg a day (mixed EPA and DHA) a day
  • Vitamin D 2.500 iu per day to boost your immune system and bone density.

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For family with young children or anyone there are some good ideas to mark a positive thing. Pebbles painting and leaving them in the park to raise the frequency of children and adult alike. You can pick up the pebbles with gloves to connect to other children who made the pebbles. You can write your initial or have lots of rainbow colours or smiley faces, here are some sample from one of my little friends:

rainbow lights from a 4 years old
looks like a ladybug
real butterfly in April 2020 In London wooberry

And thank you to the veteran who has challenged himself at 99 years old, how amazing that is. Many people see how much money he has raised;

I see someone who was born during the 1st WW, was in the 2nd WW and survived the worse time, the best times, the low time and the highest time of his life, and managed with his determination to survive many diseases and health problems as well keeping his mental state, and even manage to do something amazing before his 100th birthday, he thought about somebody else! Does he need anything at this time, probably nothing as he does not care anymore, he is going when he decide to go in style and he is going to be remembered for ever. He saw the worse of people during the war and he is seeing the best of people in this war against the stinky virus, well done Tom Moore! I am sure you are going to be near the best always and for ever.

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Well few more weeks and things will start moving forward for most people. The world has changed and moved forward though so be prepared for the next few weeks of what you are able and capable to do to move with it.

If you had the time to rethink of what job you can do, see and feel and know what you would like to do. If not choose any job and then write down what you would really like to do.

In May, I was going to run the mother and baby workshop for craniosacral therapist, and this year has been rescheduled for July 12 and 19th 2020 click here to read more if you are interested in receiving a free treatment during the workshops.

The reason I chose May is that May is the month of Mother Mary and as mother of Master Jesus represent the mother of all for everyone, including healing any mother wound as an adult. In my teenager years I used to walk a mile with some of my friends to go and pray, every evening, to a little statue of mother Mary. We would sit down in this little sanctuary in the open and pray.

Now I could say that I was very spiritual, and that would be a bit of a lie. The reason we girls and boys of 13-15 of age, would walk a mile there and back, was because of talking to guys. That was the only way we could meet and talk at my time. So, 1 mile there, 1 mile back and 1 hour of praying to mother Mary. Well we had to have fun somewhere too.

Andalucía mother Mary

Now Mother Mary has come to one of our sessions with Rose few months before Rose moved back to her country.

The statue was from the Andalucía statue of mother Mary. Mother Mary must have had a very good heart and golden heart. All babies are a bundle of pure unconditional love, and if you have one or your work with babies, you can connect to that infinite love and know what is going on with them, as they tell you their story.
I can only imagine what Master Jesus as a baby must have been. Pure Light and infinite love, I am sure anybody around him would have felt that love and felt the blessing into their life for that.

The flower that I connect to mother Mary is the Rose; mainly because May is the time when Roses grow, and the colour that I would associate with mother Mary is celestial light blue.

Even if you are not religious, you can give some thoughts to mother Mary for this month as she is considered the mother of all mothers and as I mentioned above she represents mother wound healing. I am sure quite a lot of us for some reason or another need that.

I had a dream on the 20th of April that many people were starting to go down to their inner child emotions.

One dream before the following dream, I was somewhere in the sunshine with one of my old friends from Italy and I saw lots of broken walls, there were lots of free spaces. Things were ok, even though my friend was worried, things were going to be ok.

Some were sad and missing their parents, they did not want to show their emotions as they would feel vulnerable and hence in their mind weak. So, they went into their childhood behaviour and avoided even talking to their parents.

Some went into their anger; they were upset and annoyed that they were still working and had not time for themselves. They wanted things to go back to where it was before.

Some were still blaming other human beings from what happens and hence being angry at other human being that were different from them. Just a reminder for everyone that we are all one and as one we can fight anything that comes our way.

Others were hungry and hence eating more than they need to eat, like a child that express their emotions through either eating or not eating, as that is in their control.

Some were still running away and not wanted to stop.”

It felt that the human spirit was a bit down, as humans, we want to be with other humans and want to share things and laugh and play and meet each other in person. It is natural and normal to feel all the above emotions right now. As long as you remember to respect yourself and others in dealing with your own emotions, then it is ok to accept the anger, sadness, fear, pain, jealousy and envy, as long as you also let them go as they do not serve you any longer and as long as you can find the positive of them and then let them go.

With sadness, if you have a close reason for still being sad, do go through that till you can actually say goodbye to the loved ones.

During our sessions in the past 10 years with Rose, some of the Lights told us some real-life metaphors, to help Rose and myself to get through some tough times and motivate Rose in finishing her PhD.

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© Maria Esposito BSc (hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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