Arthritis – what natural tips might help with the pain.

Arthritis what can you do without the immune suppressant medication (including the Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory, which are immune suppressant).

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Food to avoid to reduce possible inflammation if your body over react to them, it can be more just test yourself in avoiding certain foods one at the time for few days and then re-introduce them and see your reaction for few days after. Usually the pain from arthritis gets worse for few days after you eat the particular food. Try one at the time, instead of eliminating everything as that is harder at these times.

As it is a wonderful weather my decision was to clear the garden from the Ivy which is worse than a weed if you have it. I had some help with that and I still got my right shoulder and right hand to swollen up with pain, especially at night. I got 3 of my fingers numb and I got woken up by it. I always have some arnica pill and cream in the house, so I used a lot of the cream on my hands and shoulders and I took 30 cc of arnica for a couple of days. And the pain and swelling went down in a day. I am still working with the shoulder.

So if you would have been told by the NHS that you need to come off your arthritis medication as it suppresses your immune system and you are in pain, or you know somebody that is in pain, as they have been told to get off the medication, see if they can try the arnica cream and pill, if they can get it.

My grandfather, who passed away 30 years ago about, had arthritis most of his life, as he worked really hard in his young age, till he retired. At that time, there was no medication that was given for it, and my grandfather could not afford it anyway as the NHS did not exists yet then. I remember when I was growing up, my grandfather washing his hands every day, probably few times a day, with warm water and lemon to have some pain relief. It must have worked, as I never heard him complain about it. So maybe that is another tip to try and see if it works.

Other possible food that can be a problem, are: tomatoes, cow’s milk and cheese, aburgine, strawberries, kiwi, potatoes and gluten food.

You can substitute these foods with gluten free foods, or just have brown rice, quinoa or corn food, sweet potatoes, or other vegetables right now. Choose simple foods, reduce sugary foods, and try any food that you eat quite often to change it a bit, to see if you can reduce things down.

Tumeric with honey might help reduce the inflammation (make sure that you are not taking any other medication that such as warfarin or aspirin as they can cause some problems with them).

Some other herbs that you can have a tea with are nettle teas, oregano tea, rosemary tea and ginger tea. Fresh if you can find them, right now, nettle is all over the place. Again, just be careful with that.

Vitamin C also helps with reducing the histamine reaction and hence reduce pain.

Hot and cold compresses, starting with hot and finishing with cold. If the part is hot where the pain is, just use cold compressing only.

Look at website where other things can be used, such as homeopathic websites and herbal websites. Bionutri sells herbal teas that can be taken easily.

Biocare for zinc and vitamin C powder to help boost the immune system.

Drink plenty of water to flash away the toxins more easily

Watch things that are funny and makes you laugh. This will lift the spirit up and reduce the pain.

To help with breathing have some sea salt baths or Epson salt or Himalayan salt. Also you can make a cone out of paper and use coarse sea salt or Epson salt or coarse Himalayan salt in the cone and shake it before breathing in the sea-salt air. This helps with clearing the airway. Sea air is very beneficial for the breathing lungs.

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