In this time of uncertainty keep your mind, body and spirit healthy

In this time of uncertainty, many of you are already doing this and that is great for the ones that are not yet there a message of wisdom:

If you feel overwhelmed by all this get yourself into a state of calm or total control by:

– Going from overwhelmed to busy

– From Busy to organized

– From Organized to totally in control of what you can control in your life at this moment.

Once you are at the state of total control, anchor that state of one of your knuckles.

If it is hard to get to that state think of a time when you were in total control, place yourself into that moment in time, and feel what you feel, hear what you hear and see what you see. Anchor that time few times. Then come back to the present time and fire your anchors when you want to be in a state of total control. (if it does not work, repeat the same things with stronger feelings when you are in a state of total control, positive feelings). This is Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

You can do the above with any other positive and healthy and appropriate feelings that you want to be in at this time. Example: state of calm instead of state of fear.

If you are the ones that is procrastinating a lot in this time and you would like to feel motivated do the same thing as above in this order:

– From this state of procrastination if you want to get to motivations

Here are past healthy tips to keep you healthy at this time with food and liver detox. Please do not go on water fast at this time unless you are very healthy and have a liver support supplement with you. Your body might go into a detox and in need of a lot of nutrients to detoxifying the toxins. Do the detox with a healthy food, eating vegetables, fruits and healthy protein food, with beans and lentils if you are vegetarian or vegan. You want to be healthy at this time and avoid causing a detox crises or a healing crises. Thank you

If you have a high fever, use cool compresses or use a small towel. Also an old remedy is use the small towel with vinegar on it to be put on the elbow, knees and beyond the neck. This can be used with children fever too to lower the fever to 38th degrees when the immune system is stronger in fighting what they need to fight. (if you are very ill at this time and age please call the emergency, this tips are for people that wants that are healthy usually, thank you).

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sunshine and yellow light

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