Let go of your toxins for the new Year! Physically and energetically

Just to remind you of your detox, from the physical perspective and your energetic perspective. If you want to let go of the toxins from your life, try Craniosacral Therapy and see your life POSITIVELY CHANGING!

Support your liver during this season!

Why do I give so much importance to the liver? Because your liver is the one that does all the work for you. If you treat it well, your health is the reward. If you treat it badly, your health gets it.
What can you do during the season of eating, drinking more than usual and putting a lot more pressure to the liver? Well few tips easy to implement:
Your Body is your responsibility at all time, what You Eat and Drink is your responsibility. Eat healthy foods, avoid as much as possible fried food and lots of alcohol.
Have a glass of water in between beers or drinks, so that you can slow down the process of drinking a lot and rehydrate your body, while you support your liver with the detox.
Eat a good healthy meal before drinking. This will slow down the process of the alcohol and keeps your from getting too drunk.
Drink water before going to bed. This will rehydrate you.
Have a good breakfast the next day, with eggs, fruits, and vegetables, so that the body can repair any possible damage.
Eat also responsibly. If you feel full, stop eating. There is no need to carry on eating just because the food is around you.
Have a walk in the park to digest a bit better and exercise, instead of being all day in and watch too many movies all at ones.
Walk and move!
Have a New Year resolution of having at least one or two fruits and vegetables that you have not tried yet, drink more water during the day and walk, cycle, swim, MOVE more next year.
Get in touch with Nature, whatever you do!

The importance of the liver click here to read more. 

NAET to reduce and eliminate food and environmental overreaction click here to read more

Craniosacral Therapy for adults
If you would like to really change your life in a more positive and productive way try CST for 10 sessions and see your life turning around completely!

Craniosacral therapy how wonderful it is and the therapists are usually very intuitive and have so much unconditional love within them to want to help everyone. 
Now that I am teaching post graduate workshops, I can see how much the therapists who choose to help others to heal, they want to help and fix everything for everyone. Having their own treatments is essential for them to carry on healing others, as therapists we do get run down if we do not look after ourselves. 
It is the same for parents of children. Of course the health of the child is essential, and comes first as you are responsible for them, but also your own health and well being and happiness, as well as emotional peace is essential for you to help your family to be well. Babies and children feel what you feel, and learn what you show them to learn, either peace, balance, respect for yourself and others, including other people achievemnets no matter who they are or anger, resentment, fear, stress and worries. If you have more than one child, usually the most sensitive one would pick all what the parents feel, including pain and think they can help, and other children will do exactly the opposite of what the parents do and fight their way till they are old enough to be who they want to be. So before you start worry about something or life itself, write down how you feel, what is your worse fear, acknowledge it and than deal with it and let it go. I have seen over and over again the power of the positive mind changing a situation completely. As well as seeing the power of the negative mind how devastating effect can have in your life. 
You as a parent and an adult have a choice. Either think good wonderful things about yourself and your life and any situation that arises or negative thinking! 
I know right now at this present time with my awareness what I would choose. The sky is blue, the rainbow after the rain is very colorful and life can be wonderful not matter what. That is your power, take it back!
Craniosacral treatments they can change your life and your family life. For children it will balance their own rainbow colour in their life!
For adults CST is an amazing powerful treatment, it brings trauma or issues that needs to be resolved and you are ready to resolve to surface so that you can deal with them and let them go. This trauma or issues can manifest themselves usually in your life by having a repetitive physical problem or emotional problem that comes up over and over again. CST works with the unconscious mind, it brings to surface things that you have not conscious awareness of and it let you deal with it in a loving and supporting way. Sometimes you need a full wake up to be fully conscious of your issues and that can manifest in feeling your body much more or be conscious of your life as it is now. CST works with your physical trauma due to injury, from baby trauma to adults trauma. From simple falls from the bicycle as a child to strains and injury as an adult. Sometimes after a big illness or operation it restores the body to full balance again. Sometimes there are things that you need to be aware of to let them go and sometimes you just need to let them go in order to move forward in life! Sometimes people feels the change in their body straight away and most of the time within 5 days after the sessions. 

Craniosacral Therapy a gift of healing and life for babies. click here to read more

Baby on Hands
Baby on hands.

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