Child Constipation – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Therapy news

Help for a child bowl movements:

          Children can become constipated as a result of holding back stool. They might no want to stop playing to go to the loo. That means that the stool becomes drier and more painful to pass. That will lead to avoid going to the loo because is too painful and etc….


Important points:

  1. Make sure that your child drinks up to a litre of water of more per day, throughout the day. Have her/him drink water, herbal tea, very very diluted juices and soups readily available and encourage your child to drink them often.
  2. Increase the fiber in their diet: Simply add a piece of fruit such as banana, apple, orange, pear or prune. The whole fruit provide the most fiber. Give your child a fruit half an hour or an hour before the main meals or 1 hour after her meal.

A dry pitted prune soaked overnight in a glass of water contains extra moisture and is easier to digest. Make sure that is soaked in a 1 glass of water and they drink the juice from that as well as the prune. Vegetables and whole grains are also rich sources of fiber. Beans and lentils very good source of fiber, you can mash or blend them.  Zucchini and cooked spinach as well as cooked broccoli will help.  Green leafy vegetables are full of magnesium and other minerals that will help her constipation. Have them eat one or two of these everyday. Make sure that they eat what vegetables they like as well as the vegetables that are good for her, maybe with an incentive, such as you can have an homemade ice lolly (made from fresh seasonal fruits). Add some Udo’s oil, 1 teaspoon with each meal. That will help soothe their stools as well as providing essential oils for their growth.

  1. Serving warm liquids or hot oatmeal every morning acts gently to stimulate the intestinal tract, in addition to being a fiber provider.
  2. For an overnight relief of constipation, mix ½ cup of prune juice and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 cup of spring water. Have your child drink this before bedtime.
  3. Give them acidophilus, the recommended dose half an hour before going to bed.
  4. If your child’s stool has an exceptionally foul odor, consider giving them chlorophyll supplements. Chlorophyll is high in trace minerals, especially magnesium and has natural antibacterial properties.
  5. Simmer a half teaspoon of flax seed in two glasses of water for fifteen minutes. Use the liquid to make the oatmeal in the morning.
  6. Massage your child’s lower abdomen for comfort and to help to get things moving.
  7. Gently massage your child’s abdomen, following the natural movement of the intestine which is clockwise. Start in the lower right corner, move up towards the ribs, over to the left side and then down toward the pelvis.
  8. Make sure that your child runs around for 1 hour everyday, this stimulates the elimination system.

 In my clinic also check with the NAET method what the child might be sensitive to that would cause the constipation and work with the Cranio-Sacral therapy as well as nutrition to balance the child system.

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