NAET method for over reaction to food and the enviromental allergens – 10 years update

I am always happy to hear from old clients after many years, especially when they tell me that they have changed their life because of the consultation or treatment that I gave them.

I got a call few days ago from a mother of children that I treated with NAET 10 years ago, when I started to use the method, after my graduating from Health Science, nutritional Therapy.

My degree is mostly about scientific proof and looking at what works scientifically only and for some part now, they are looking into lifestyle and alternative to just the scientific proof. Even though it is still going strong and more on the scientific papers. So when I discovered NAET 10 years ago, I was affascinated by the method. Especially because it was suggested to me from a Medical Doctor who used it for themselves and had a very good results for the over reaction to their food and enviromental compounds.

I decided straight away that I had to learn the method, did not even enter my mind that it might not be true. I knew that it was the right treatment to learn. Till then I used to say to people avoid certain foods for life! For some people it was too much. And for hayfever and other enviromental allergen there was not much that you could do. 

Anyway cutting the story shorter, I learned the method, treated my son with the first 15 nutrients and group food in the list of NAET, had some treament myself with exchange while I was learning the method and than started using it with my clients. The client who called had 3 children with all sort of allergies but one in particular with Asthma. After we treated eggs mix, the asthma started to reduce and by the times that we treated what she came up with her Asthma was gone and it has gone since then. Now the mother was so impressed with the results that changed her carer as well and become a holistic therapist herself! And uses only natural methods to treat her children. 

This is a proof that NAET does work and when it does not, it might be that something else is going on with the person. With hayfever you need to have all the pollens from the entire world to get rid of it completely but for the most of it, and the local pollen it it an amazing treatment. I would not treat severe allergens as the person needs to be always on the alert but I love NAET method and it is always great to hear what happened to people that I treated long time ago!

10 years ago I did not use yet craniosacral Therapy, but I thought already then that it could have a bigger impact combined with the method. And it does, as I have now combined the two methods for the past 8 years and the results are even better!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist 

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