Green mixed salads for the summer and winter to get you moving and healthy

Green mixed salad

Following the fruit salad from last time, I would also mention to everyone that does not like salads or green vegetables, those are the ones that give you minerals and some vitamins for your body to function.

If you look after your car better than yourself or bicycle then in some way, I can describe in the following analogy what the nutrients from vegetables and fruits will do: if the fuel is the carbohydrate that you use in the car to function, and if you cycle then you use energy as fuel to cycle, then the greens and the fruits are the oil that you need for your engine to actually work or for the breaks of your bicycle to function well.

Coming back to our human body for everything else to work at their optimum level, green leafy vegetables are essential for us to function well. Also, vegetables and fruits help to eliminate toxins, from the intestinal tract and from your bladder, through urine.

So, water also is essential and vital for your body to eliminate the toxins. If you do not eliminate the  toxins, well again getting back to the car analogy: all the fumes from your exhaust pipes gets into the car and kills you!

If you think that I am exaggerated, think again, I am not!

The reason is that if the toxins are not eliminated than little by little your body anti-oxidant pathways, which include the liver and kidney will give up working well, as they will feel exhausted and run out of fuel for them to function well, therefore all those toxins are damped into your muscles, cells, and organs and eventually damage your body beyond repair.

Di-seases starts to get in and you are done!

Would you rather eat few vegetables and fruits than have the scenario above? Which is real? I know I would?

And yes, I was lucky in some way that I grew up in the countryside and my mother was from a generation that cooked everything from scratch, and from what grew from the earth seasonally.

But Even when we did not live in the countryside, I remember my parents cooking and giving us children supplements,which I think the government in Italy was passing them on to family with children. Nowadays, the medicals group, just pass on medication and have forgotten about the nutritional value of supplements, which before included probiotics.

I remember my mother making probiotics from a bunch of live bacteria with the milk that she bought from the farmer, no medication was given or any antibiotics to kill any cow’s milk germ at that time 40 years ago. It is similar to kefir but the milk would become yogurt,so we would eat the yogurt with friendly bacteria.

All the above was great, and yes,I grew up with eating lots of vegetables and fruits from the land since the age of 11. However, my younger brother grew up with that from the start, and for some reason or another he does not like all the vegetables and all the fruits.

I am been puzzling about it, I figured out that it was more about what was available and actually having more money and buying more crap food from the shop.

Also, I think in Italy there was this advertising campaign that babies should have the extra cow’s milk apart from the mother milk, with very, very sweet biscuits that were advertised on TV all the time.

They were so good at convincing mothers that it was the best for their babies, than my mother, bless her, was still convinced they were good, in fact, she tried to convince me that my son needed that at some point when he was a baby. As I was a nutritionist already then, I did not give any extra milk with the biscuits.

My brother till few years ago,could add two spoons of white sugar in his cappuccino. I am surprised that he did not develop any type of diabetes. He has changed though luckily, he now does not add any sugar in his coffee and he started to eat a bit more of vegetables but not all the tasty variety that my parents have year around, but it is something.

My favourite green leafy vegetables are called “Broccoletti”. It is a type of broccoli tips that grow only in the Mediterranean land. It is a bitter taste but for me is amazingly good, I could eat it every day.

So, if you think that you have tasted any possible vegetables, try all the hundreds different vegetables available out there, go into Greeks vegetable shops and see what they have there that you can try.

Try one new one every week and add it to your menu every day, or change vegetable every day.

Use your food as healing your body and soul and you will be amazed how much your entire life will change!

I will just list some of the vegetables that you can start trying, pickled green vegetables do not count as that eventually will be more damaging because of the acidity:




Beetroot raw or cooked


Mixed salad

Endive lettuce

Rocket lettuce


Radicchio (even though is red is very good)

Swiss Chard


Zucchini and zucchini flowers if you can find them near you


Tomatoes (even though they are considered fruits still very healthy, unless you are high in histamine naturally)





Green beans



Rhubarb and many, many more

And I have not talked about alcohol and toxins that you are actually putting into your body instead of healthy food!

Well that is for another blog. Enjoy your vegetables and salads and have a nice summer!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

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