Why did I become a nutritionist?

I just wanted to tell the story of why I become a nutritionist but in pictures. Since the age of 11 I moved to a countryside in Italy and my parents being very down to Earth bought a land in the countryside where they build their house. The plants that I am showing are only part of the trees and plants that I grew up with. Unconsciously when I moved to London I must have craved for the nourishing food that I grew up with and mostly the simple food that grew from the soil. I loved watering the tomatoes, or the eggplants or the zucchini during the summer. Next to where I lived we had field of watermelons growing and most of the time they would allow us to go and pick up some of them near the end of the season. My friends and I would go and pick them up with a wheelbarrow and eat it there and then. Making a make do picnic and enjoy the juice and watery melon. 

Small Pears
Loquats tree (nespole) yellow sweet fruit

I also remember picking up apricots, cherries and other fruits from the tree and eating it there and then. I loved the time there and my son is now having the same experience hopefully that will stay with him, remembering the good food and where they come from, to pass it on to eventually the new generation of children. 

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – R-Craniosacral Therapist 

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