Craniosacral therapy for babies

Craniosacral baby treatment

It is called cranio-sacral because the of the spinal fluid going from the
cranium to the sacral is what makes everything function well and properly. All
the nerves and nerve transmission from the brain to the body and from the body
to the brain go through there and it is all connected like a tree with branches
and roots. What the cranio-sacral therapist does is listening to the rhythm of
that fluid and feel if there is any blockage in the body, memory cells of the
tissue and the mind as well as the energetic field around that body to see if
it is breathing well and properly. If there is a blockage just our training and
knowledge as therapists will help the mother, baby and child unblock the
blockage and re-balance the system or body function.

With CST, what we do, is free that blockage and stabilize the rod in the
centre of the body again, so that your life is back to normal, with possible
few changes. Life does throw challenges at us all the time, and it is a normal
way of living, it is the you deal with them and how fast you get back to the
centre, that is important. So, what CST teaches you is to get back to normality quicker and stronger.

For parents it looks like we are not doing anything and sometimes for the
first session nothing changes much, it depends on how deep that trauma or wound is and how the parents as well are dealing with that. It might take two to three sessions to see the difference. I usually suggest at least the mother to have a session so that they can feel how changes occur within their body and around them as well as the baby.

I found that CST has also a strong spiritual healing power as well. It
depends on the therapist and if they have themselves experience their own
spiritual healing (this is nothing to do with religion, it is something to do
with your inner soul and own spirituality however you see it).

Memory cells – my experience with Cranio-sacral
therapy was amazing. My labour and my son birth were very traumatic. My son kept having colds and coughs from the time I stopped breastfeeding at 14 months. As I did not want to give antibiotics all the time, I sought for other ways of dealing with that. Homeopathy vitamin C and nutrition helped to get rid of the colds or reduce them when he had them but he still kept having more colds and coughs that he should have had. So, I took him to cranio-sacral and it took a while (about 1 year to fully be better) as I took him to the Student clinic but they got rid of his traumatic birth and finally his colds and coughs were reduced to once a year and now not even once a year.

He can now fight the colds very easily and usually gets over anything much
easier than any other child that I know.

My own experience with CS was that even after 7 years since the labour my
body memory cells still retained that trauma. I had epidural so I did not feel
mentally any pain, but my body did. And all that pain and trauma was still
pretty stored in my tissues. Finally, I got rid of it with CST and it is
amazing the difference it made even to my personal life physically and

Some of the children and babies that I treated with CST had some traumatic
birth or even not and what some of the issues that reduced were:

Colic’s which are very frequent in babies;

Frequency of throwing up the milk;
Sleeping better and more peacefully
Stronger connection with mother and babies (the mother needs to be treated as well as the baby for both reflux and connection with the baby)

Clinging babies or toddlers; 

Other problems that have been helped with my treatment of CS are:

  • Teething;
    Frequent colds for the babies, toddlers and children
    Reduction of food and environmental sensitivities;
    Reduced irritation and frustration, which have led to a happier and more communicative toddler;
    Reduction and or elimination of night terror in toddlers and children in general.
Starting life with a great balance
system is one of the huge benefits that the baby will have in coping any of the
issue that life brings. Babies treated with CST have a more positive and
happier attitude in life and feel more confident of their journey.

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)
R-Nutritional Therapists – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapists

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