What is good for the flu and throat infection?

Well obviously, if you have a bacteria infection natural things might be a bit too slow and the infection can get too fast into the lungs you need to see your doctor. For a prevention of getting too much out of hand or to heal it without medical intervention or getting to a medical intervention, then the following advice is worth following:

  • Sprays that I usually use for myself and that worked in many occasions, are:

1) The natural medical herbs that I used as a spray is echinacea and sage throat spray from Vogel, which soothe the throat and clears the nose as well.

2) Sometimes I use the saline sprays in the nose and mouth;

3) Colloidal silver spray is another good antiseptic that works.

Vitamins that I used:

  • The usual vitamin C powder or good quality vitamin C up to 3000 mg or more (make sure that you drink plenty of water with this during the day)
  • Zinc up to 3o mg a day till I feel better
  • Ginger root, making teas with freshly squeezed lemon and honey.
  • Chicken soups if you are not vegetarian or vegetable soups with lots of onions, garlic and ginger and a bit of chilly as well to warm you up with either a water bottle or cuddle up in bed warm if you do not have a fever.

There is a possibility that if you have it big, or a proper flu, what you need is sleep, drink with the vitamin C and the sprays above or a combination of them. And plenty of hot teas and water, as the appetite might be down due to the immune system dealing with what is the priority and the blood rushing everywhere to get the immune system there and dealing with the infection.

If you have a very high fever, please do deal with it in the appropriate manner, sometimes cold pure alcohol compresses on the elbow and behind the neck will bring the fever down, but might go up during the night so keep something to keep the fever down well. If you start having joint inflammation at least for the first 24 hours get it down in whatever way you can. Then carry on with the more natural way possible.

I think energetically the body might be in need of rest from work, if you have a busy work, or from social events if you are very social.

Sometimes there is an overload of energy that you do not need and therefore the body needs to get it out of its system in some way or another. Your mind might be wondering all over with a lot of the things that you need to do or want to do and never done it and feels clutter with rubbish.

So, a flu might be your body way of communicating with yourself and letting you know that you need to de-clutter and create space for new things to come or even new people to come into your life.

Even though it is not spring, think of your flu and cold as a spring cleaning and for the preparation for new and exciting things to come about! I know it is hard to think of a cold as a positive thing, and you can only try it and see what happens if you do!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

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