Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ileocecal, Houston valve, pyloric valve and more. What craniosacral therapy do to re-balance them

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome might be also casued by the pyloric valve, ileocecal valve or Houston valve being over active. What craniosacral Therapy – NAET and Nutrition can do to re-balance your intestinal tract into health. 

Well not many people know that we have valves all over our intestinal tract to keep the food or waste going back into the mouth, and going ahead towards breaking it down, absorbing and let it go of the waste. There are about 3 or 4 main valve that are essential for the work and all of them are supplied and controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system, the system that is usually on when you are relaxed and off when you are stressed out. When you are stressed out or your body is in a stress mode system, then all the valve shuts down as, your body is prepared to run or fight mode, so you cannot digest your food if you are fighting or running. The valves are open when you are in the parasympathetic mode, which is when your food is broken down, absorbed and eliminated.

Now with all the modern work, which most of the time is very stressful and many people either eat at the desk, do not chew enough, or rush eating so that they can go back to work, the digestive system and might include also some of the valve, might be either closed when you eat or open while you are rushing your food as there is a back up of food because you did not give yourself enough time to sit down, chew your food and do your job in a more relaxed and chilled way. Yes I know you are thinking, that is impossible to do, but you can still rush around, do your job and finish it well by telling your body that you are not in danger, that nobody is going to kill you (really) if something is not finished on time or if you do your job with a different attitude and the world really is not going to end!

So, you can still work without the stress and the fears that you are telling yourself, or your boss is telling you. If everyone around you is shouting than imagine an imaginary ball of protection around you, where all the anger, frustration and annoyance from other people bounce out and transmute into love and only love and loving thoughts and words can enter your little ball of protection. Just try it for a while and see what happens.

More of the physical things that you can do before eating your food and after is breathing from your diaphragm by raising your belly when you breathe in and pushing the belly in when you breathe out. Do that about 3 or 4 times before you eat and you put your mind in a completely different mood and system, so that you can digest and absorb your food.

Now going back to what the valves are in your digestive tract:

  • The first one is the pyloric valve. This valve is between the stomach and the small intestine, and what it does is allow the food and a bit of acid from the stomach to enter the first part of the small intestine, which is a more neutral and lower in acid part of the intestine. One a certain amount as entered then the valve usually should shut down, and the food start being digested and being pushed into the further part of the small intestine, where the digestive enzymes are going to meet up with the bile salt and start breaking down the food further and get pushed down and up and down and transverse towards the colon. When this valve does not shut properly, because either the valve is getting a bit less elastic or because you have eaten a lot of food and the stomach is so full that is pushing the valve open, then the acid from the stomach goes into the small intestine and start burning and or goes up where another valve, the oesophageal valve is situated, and starts burning your throat (that is what happens to babies sometimes when their system is on stress and danger mode).
  • The second valve that is essential for the digestion and your entire health is the ileocecal valve which is the valve that is between the small intestine and the large intestine, so that the waste and bacteria from the large intestine does not go into the small intestine. If the valve is shut, then you get problems with constipation, dry poo, or bloating and pain on the right side of your lower abdomen, near where the appendix is. Now if the valve is open because either you have had constipation for a long time and the colon is full of poo, then the valve cannot shut and the waste and bacteria go back to the small intestine causing problems and inflammation.
  • The last valve but not least is the Houston valve. This valve is essential for you to control when you go to the loo or if you are busy or there is no loo around then you can control it, shut it and then when you are ready you can go. Now if you had constipation for a long time, or if there is less elasticity or control then this valve can cause mucus into the stool or worse, leak poo. Also, this is not a proper valve but 3 folds of rectal muscle that is elastic and keeps you as I mentioned to hold your stools or let them go when you are ready.

All of the valve above are affected by stress and diet. Lack of vegetables, fruits or mineral water can affect the content of the stomach, or large intestine and therefore affect the valve open or shut. The stress condition will affect the valve in keeping it shut while you are digesting or eliminating your food.

In a nutshell craniosacral therapy is helpful in two ways, one reduces the stress mode or rebalance your sympathetic and parasympathetic mode so that the nerves are not irritating or keeping the valve shut when you need to digest. The other way is directly onto the valve itself, as if it is open then we work in closing it.

I naturally work with the nutritional aspect of the problem as well as all of three are essential for the health of the intestinal tract.

The other aspect of the diet that can affect the valves and the entire digestive system is food and drinks allergies. An allergen can irritate the valve and create inflammation around the area which would worsen the problems with more bloating, gas, mucus, and unhealthy bacteria, as well as reducing the change of the intestinal lining to repair and keep a barrier between the undigested food and the blood stream. This might become a catch 22, where you might become more allergic to various food, which you might previously be ok with, and or the food is causing the problem on the first instance.


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