Circle of life, pregnancy, babies, adults – Craniosacral treatments for all to have a successful life and life journey

Craniosacral therapy, why is so amazing and why try it, if you have not tried it yet, or have your baby have the experience of it?

Craniosacral Therapy is one of the only treatments that can be done on babies as it is very gentle, the baby recognizes it as such and has a major powerful positive effect, physically and emotionally on the baby. This goes from the emotions that are not recognized by the standard medical professional or anyone yet, to the physical movements that are so small in a child but so obstructive to the body that is growing fast. In a very easy way to describe is when the baby either cries too much or is very passive almost dormant, the treatment will re-balance their state of mind and body. They might have a reflux problem or constant colic due to either a minor restriction of the skull or the stress/danger response on all the time. These issues might not be acknowledged by the normal conventional treatments but they can be detrimental for the baby and the mother. As a constant crying baby can have a toll on the mother as well, as they might feel that they have done something wrong as their friends’ baby is absolutely fine, they sleep, eat, and smile when they are feeding or are very content, while their own child is screaming all the time, might even scream when they are hungry or try to feed. As I mentioned before the cycle of life, the baby cries and the mother cries with them. The father might also be getting upset because they feel they cannot help enough and therefore either they try to avoid the situation all together or feel inadequate for the task. This can also put a strain on the relationship. Now remember that the baby is doing what is meant to be doing, is screaming and crying to let you know that something is not quite right with them. So, bear that in mind. Also, they might get anti-acid because the doctor sees that acid is coming up and therefore cause pain to the child, that would decrease their acidity and might also cause more problems to digest their milk protein, so there is more colic or wind and the cry continues. Sometimes the child just needs some lactase to digest the milk sugar as they have not developed their digestive system well enough. The mother might not drink enough water, if they are breastfeeding and the child might get denser milk but also gets constipated.

Now the doctor says that for a child not pooing for 10 days might be normal! Can you believe that! How would you feel if you are constipated for 10 days (hopefully as an adult you do not)? Well I know I would feel like I do not want to eat as I feel bloated, probably full of gas and not good at all!

Now for the adult who never had craniosacral therapy as a baby, and they had a traumatic birth (C-section, long birth, forceps, ventouse, etc), or traumatic childhood, or even just a very controlled childhood, where they could not express themselves as per parenting strict rules, which was pretty much the way parents were years ago, as they were coming out of the war and they were on a survival mode. For all the above adults, it is almost essential to have a CST, to work with the unconscious mind and body to get things out in the open and deal with them. Also if you feel that you had a physical trauma, either you fell from a cycle, or a motorcycle, or had a car accident, it is worth to adjust your own body system so that can be back to their center and you can get to your own original path in life. Things that you always wanted to do, but cannot seem to do them for one reason or another. Whatever the issue is, physical or emotional, craniosacral therapy could be your treatments to move forward in your life, personally and professionally.


Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergens reduction or elimination – R-Craniosacral Therapist

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