Histamine what is it? and Why does it go high in some people and not in others?

Histamine is a funny little compound. It is a very helpful one but it can also be fatal. I always thought that stress can increase the release of histamine, and in fact it does. There is a big connection between stress and how much you are allergic to either food or the environment. This can also be true regarding babies and children, that might have picked up the stress hormones from the mother during pregnancy and therefore react to food that the mother eat if breastfed or even to bottle cows milk alone.

Allergies as mentioned in the past articles are over reactions to food. Histamine is part of the immune system and also is a neurotransmitter in the brain, working closely with the hypothalamus the main brain commander, which in turns is involved in turning on and off the stress response. Because histamine increases the permeability of the capillaries it means that more things can get through the capillaries much quicker to get proteins and white blood cells to the infected tissues or areas.

Histamine has got few functions and each histamine receptors (the ones that accept the histamine in the cell) have various functions. Some of the function in the brain can either promote sleep and help with that or disrupt sleep.

So far that we know of there are about 4 types of receptors, H1 and H4 seems to be related to allergies reaction itchiness, urticaria, running nose and eyes and H3 seems to be involved in gastric acid secretion (stomach acid) and food intake and neurotransmitter release in the intestinal tract such as serotonin, H2 has the same function as H3 but also more prevalent in the brain, can cross the blood brain barrier and maybe cause some damage there if the immune system start attacking the brain.

As I mentioned above stress and the amount of allergies reaction and the severity of the reactions are pretty much connected with the histamine release and which receptors is activated.  Stress will increase the capillaries permeability to get the hormones that needs to deal with stress into the appropriate organs and glands, so the stress response and the histamine release both of them can cause some inflammation and the inflammation damage as well as reducing sleep and reducing the work of one of the immunes system that deals with cancer cells and viruses. So how you can see reducing your stress level and the perception of your life itself can reduce your allergies reactions and gives you a longevity in some way or another.

With my NAET practice what I do I reboot the body and brain to consider what ever the immune system thought was an enemy, especially if it starts nutrients and environmental compound that are usually safe to have around, as non- enemy, so that the immune system can start dealing with the proper enemies such as viruses and bacteria.

See the Body and mind is amazing in healing itself if you give the right tools and work with it in eliminating possible perceived dangers coming from within or from outside! That is also the work of craniosacral therapy which will reduce the stress, have the body deal with an inflammation and then stop the cycle of alert and deal with things in a normal way, hence promote sleep eventually when the mind let’s go of the fears and worries and let it be.


© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – R-Craniosacral Therapist 

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