Vaccinate or not vaccinate a baby, what to do? What solution do you have available whatever you decide?

Most new parents are frightened to decide one way or another what is the best thing to do for their children. They need to live with the consequences of their choices either way. What also if one parent wants to vaccinate and the other does not?

I do not want to get into a debate or suggest that vaccines are always bad for children and babies, as I read articles of doctors fighting to save lives in the 3rd world country with polio vaccines and in certain condition it is essential that the babies are vaccinated against it.

Some babies also being bottle fed might have less of their mother immunity to fight off big virulent viruses so quite often the doctors are worried about the mass number of children rather than just the few that could end up with problems.

Now, I always say to my son that there is a solution for everything. I mean it, there is always a solution for everything. If you feel that your child is too sensitive to everything and you are breastfeeding, choose either to delay the vaccines till they older and their immune system is much stronger, if you are still breastfeeding when you vaccinate them that is even better. The reason for that is that babies’ liver genetically sometimes and sometimes because they are quite small, are not equipped to detoxifying much of the toxins put in the vaccines. Also, because the vaccines go directly into the blood stream they might bypass the normal immune defence that the body has got.

If you have a baby that is bottle fed for any reason or another, and you feel that you want to vaccinate at the time that the doctors suggest, that is ok too, you can either use homeopathy before and after the vaccines to reduce the ill effect of the vaccines but strengthen the good effect of it. Or you can have a NAET treatment and a craniosacral treatment before and after to reduce again the toxins effect of the vaccines. If the parents baby or the baby him/herself suffer from various allergies, then it is worth to do the homeopathic remedy and the NAET and the craniosacral treatment as it will reduce the damage that any possible histamine reaction to the vaccines might occur. Now none of the above as been scientifically proven to work, this is my opinion and my experience with the more sensitive babies and children and with my own son.

With my own son, I have done it all, delay the vaccines while breastfeeding, used homeopathic remedy, did the NAET on him and craniosacral therapy. He still did react to the 2nd injection of Polio, diphtheria and ended up in hospital with a possible intussusception (the inversion of one portion of the intestine within another, which can occur from 3 months till 6 years of age). His intestinal tract immune system reacted so strongly to the polio vaccines that the intestine got a bit stuck.

Because I went very early on, he was absolutely fine and Great Osmond Street hospital was amazing. I think they were expecting me to go at the end of the day, leaving my one-year old child there by himself, and me being Italian and not even considering to leave, I was expecting to be there till my son left. So, they found a compromise and they got me and him a spare free room to be together. After I left the hospital with him, I looked for the homeopathic remedy of polio to reduce the effect of the vaccine for the 3rd injection (which I gave after 6 months), as well as used craniosacral therapy to balance up his body from birth.  My son had what we call as therapist a traumatic birth, he was taken by ventouse and forceps out and he was absolutely fine. The only thing he did is eating every hour, having colic quite often till he stopped. With the craniosacral therapy that I discovered after he ordeal at the hospital they worked mainly on the birth trauma. Even though being a craniosacral therapist myself now, I think they should have worked with the emotional part of his birth as well as mine. That happened only after 7 years of his birth when I went for my own treatments and then when I opened up and expanded my craniosacral knowledge to healing that went beyond my wildest expectation of healing form me and him. This is something that I now incorporate with all my treatments resulting in exceptional healing beyond mine and my client expectations.

The main thing with babies and children is for the parents to be present at all time. The mother is usually the one that notice any irregularity of the child, and in some cases even the father is well connected to the child. Usually though and in the majority of the cases, the mother is the one connected to the child for a long time, till they are ready to start facing the world by themselves with the parents support and guidance.

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