Understanding your unconscious mind

I have been doing some Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), just to get a bit more on the understanding of how our mind works. I came lately to the conclusion that NAET and Craniosacral works a bit like NLP. All of them reset the brain to recognize whatever food or allergen you have on your hand, as self, and not a big enemy such as the allergy is.

In NLP when you deal with a phobia or a fear it makes you see it as an old thing that does not have any value anymore. Craniosacral therapy works with the unconscious mind as well, making you see that a shock or a trauma, even as a baby, that might be keeping you stuck in a loop, might not be as bad as you thought at that time, as you see it in another way, and therefore, what felt like a big deal, it is seen it as something that can be accepted as it was and let it go. With every small or big trauma there is always some emotions attached to it, once that emotion comes to the awareness of the person, then the past can be forgiven and let go. Most of these fears and concerns are probably all unconscious.  These emotions or thoughts have been stored in your mind or body and most of the time have been forgotten. They only reappear when something similar comes about, and your reaction can be the same as in the past, without you knowing the real reason. This can be an exaggerating reaction to whatever you are dealing with, making you feel anxious or even have a panic attack. For example, if in the past you felt very stressed out and you decide on that day to take the underground and have a work meeting, which turned out to be disaster, then the next time you have the same experience your mind trigger the same response. The trigger can be just taking the underground. So, every time you take the underground, you feel anxious and even get a panic attack. Dealing with that bad experience and resetting the unconscious mind is the key to stop the anxiety every time you take the underground.

These unconscious negative thoughts can even be about dealing with having money or deserving to have money. You might have picked up the belief that having money or earning money from your own job or your own passion it is impossible. Or that if you spend money on yourself, it is a waste of money. These beliefs might have been picked up during your upbringing, even without you knowing it. Have you ever thought of why people with money, create even more money, while people who wants money all the time, as soon as they have it they spend it straight away so that they have no money again? Or even some people save the money all the time, and they keep complaining that they have no money to spend on themselves when they need them, but as soon as somebody else in their family needs it they spend it on them with no problems?

This is about deserving money and accepting that you deserve money, consciously and unconsciously. Now money is just a material thing, so being attached to much on money it is not a great thing, but worrying that you have no money it is like you are attached to them all the time, so you might never reach a point that you have enough money, because you are worried that about it. Changing your unconscious belief and that you deserve have money, is the key to have all the money that you need and want to do things that you need.

Love is a similar thing. When you think that you do not have anyone around you that loves you, even though you have, then you keep looking for love everywhere else, instead of looking for that love within yourself.

Same as happiness, if you think that happiness is found outside of yourself, instead of within yourself, then you give your power away. You keep looking for somebody else to make you happy, or for something to make you happy. For example, you might think that if you buy something that you really want, that would make you happy, or if your partner would be a bit nicer or do things that you desire them to do, even though you never told them that you would like them to behave in a certain manner, then you will never be happy. That is because you are giving your own power of being happy to somebody else!

What can you do to find your power back?



© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

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